10 Common React Js Interview Questions: Know Answers

You must know some common React Js Interview Questions to crack interview if you wish to make a career as a React frontend developer.

Well, we all know that learning new skills is always beneficial and it can give your career a boost so that you can reach your goals. As a front-end developer when you want to upgrade your skills you have to move towards some frameworks like angular, react, web-pack, and many more.

So today we are going to talk about react JS interview questions, we will be discussing all the questions which will be helpful for a fresher to give an interview and also for the experienced developers who have good knowledge in react Js.

Before starting with the questions, you need some basic information about the React Js, like what is React Js? Why companies hire react js developers? And the Benefits of becoming React Js developer? This question should be there in your mind.

React Js Interview Questions
So today we are going to talk about react JS interview questions

Q. So, let’s start and try to understand what is React Js?

Ans. React is used as a frontend developer and it is a JavaScript library. It was created by Facebook in the year 2011. The most important reason to develop React Js was to create a reuse component.

Q. Why companies hiring react js developers?

Ans. As we know that react is using a reusable component that helps the companies to create a better and faster website.

Q. What are the Benefits of becoming React Js developer?

Ans. Now when you become a react developer you have so much knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript / API which will help you to create the frontend design and has a faster website.

Let’s start with best react js interview questions for the beginner

10 Most Typical React Js Interview Questions with Answers

1.  What are components and where are they used in React Js?

Ans. The answer is very easy, the react js is fully based on components. It uses components to create a website or a UI design.

2. What is the most important reason to use react Js as a frontend?

Ans. Using React Js for the front end of any website help to load fast on the internet. The react web page does not change their URL every time you go to some other page, instead, it just uses the components and give the output to the user.

3.What is the difference between React Js and React Native?

Ans. As we already know that React Js is getting use to making websites fronted, now the question comes what is React Native? Well, React Native is also a part of JavaScript frameworks but this is used for making Mobile Apps on android and IOS devices.

4. What is a Virtual DOM in React Js?

Ans. Document Object Model which is also known as DOM is used to create the output of the code which is written in React Js. But there is a small change in it, well as we know that in HTML website when we want to reach from one page to another the website gets loaded again and again, whereas when we use React Js it never loads the web pages every time. Instead of loading the page on the web it just switches the components accounting to the user, this is all because of the DOM in React.

5.  Tell us about React Events?

Ans. Now, this is the reason why we should be preparing for the interview; the answer to this question is very easy but even the developers who are working in react Js make a mistake in answering this question. The answer is events are those events that are trip by the user to perform an action for example, when we click on the button and it shows some action or when we hover a mouse on any object.

6. Do you know Redux?

Ans. The Redux is used with React and it is also a library that’s compatible with it. Redux helps to create a stable way to track multiple components which are handover to another developer to work on.

7. Why is Redux used in React Js?

Ans. Well, Redux can be utilize with any UI library. It also helps to be consistent to build a web application and it is easy to do testing in Redux. Redux helps the react code to be more predictable and intact and easy to use. With the help of Redux, we can have a real-time track of the code.

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8. Why are we using React Js instead of Angular?

Ans. There are many differences between React Js and Angular, I would suggest you all go through this link so that we have a clear idea what is the difference between React and Angular (Click on this link).

9. What is an Arrow function in React Js.

Ans.  Arrow function is also known as fat arrow function in react. The fat arrow function is use because in ES6 the auto binding is not available by default. If we look at the use of the fat arrow function it is mostly utilizing only at higher-order function.

10. How is HOC is used in React js?

Ans. HOC which is known as Higher Order Component in react. Well, it is used in a very advanced way to use logic again. Higher-Order Components are used to wrap up the other components in it. HOC is also recognize as a pure Component in react. We can use HOC in many different tasks like render the high jacking, props manipulation, and many more.

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