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In the article, you will learn all about Graphic Designing. Graphic design is an art where professionals/ graphic experts create stunning visual content by any software or hands to communicate messages that inspire, inform, and captivate customers. By applying visual content and page layout techniques, designers use typography and images to meet user’s custom needs. They focus on the logic of items displayed in interactive designs to optimize the user experience. This includes T-shirt design, motion graphics, website development, creating video games, comic books, graphic novels, stock images, etc. 

In the article, you will learn all about Graphic Designing.
They focus on the logic of items displayed in interactive designs.

History of Graphics Designing

Designing Roots Around 15,000-3,600 BC

Graphics designing can be traced back to 15,000 BC, in Lascaux in southern France, where pictures and symbols were drawn on the caves. The next was Blau Monument, and it was the first known artifact that used both words and pictures. These are far different from what we think of graphics designing today, but they planted the idea of placing images on surfaces that put us on the path towards things like drawings, banners, and more.

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History of Graphics Designing Printing from 105 AD- 1530 AD

The invention of paper by Cai Lun in the year 105 AD led to the concept of printing. After nearly a millennium in 1045 AD, movable printing was invented, which allowed characters to be placed individually in printing. In the year 1450, around 200 years after mils arrived in Europe, the system of printing books was considered to be perfected.

Growth of Graphics Design around the 1900s

Since the Industrial Revolution, graphics design had been making its way to business practices, and during the 1900s, its use began to grow. With the growth of advertising companies, various businesses started creating their custom-made logos, which helped the brand to become a company. With its very own custom logo, the brand became more than just a name. It started becoming a memorable piece of art with color, shape, and size, all working simultaneously to impress customers.

Graphic Designing in Today’s World

Nowadays, graphic design refers mainly to stunning visuals utilized in magazines, books, advertisements, digital posters, comic books, and more. In some cases, graphics design is done with drawings and paintings, but most of today’s plan is completed using digital technologies. In 1990, Photoshop was first released, which then revolutionized the digital style of graphic design.

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What is the job of a Graphics Designer?

  • Graphic designers develop the overall layout of brochures, advertisements, magazines, merchandise, reports, etc.
  • Designers need to meet with clients to determine the scope of the project. They use different types of photo editing software, layout software to create designs and meet the need of their clients.
  •  They have to create visual elements such as brand logos, tag lines, original images, illustrations to send out messages.
  • Present their design to the clients and incorporate changes into the design recommended by the client.
  • Review their own design for errors before sending it out to the public or printing. 
  • Graphic designers not only work with images but also with text. They are the ones who select the font size, color, how long the headlines would be, headings, and the appropriate text.
  • The graphics designer decides how the text and images should be set and how well they’ll go together on an on-web page or print.
  • When using text in layouts, graphics designer collaborate with writers who decides what words are to be used and whether the words will be used as paragraph, list, or tables.
  • With the help of images, color, and text, a graphics designer can transform data into visual graphics, diagrams, and stock images to make complex ideas easier to understand. 

Graphics Designing Tools for Beginners

Graphics designers should keep exploring new graphic designing tool that is ideal for their use and avoid spending time, energy, and money on software they don’t need. They should be up to date with what’s trending in the market. This shows that they should invest in the latest design, tools, utilities, and software. The use of popular devices will help them capture more potential clients by working on their projects. 

The following are the primary graphic designing tools that are the best graphic design software for a graphic designer who is a beginner: 

  • Canva: – Canva is a powerful and free graphic designing tool that a graphic designer should use for the perfect social media design elements. It has a wide range of free templates that have appropriate sizes for each social media platform. They have templates for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and cover photos, Twitter posts and covers photos, and many more. 

Download Canva Here

  • DesignWizard: – It is similar to Canva but has all its tools in its free version. DesignWizard has a library of 1.2 million images, 10,000 free templates, illustrations, videos, audios, and graphics for your use. You can also upload your custom made fonts, photos, and logos unique to your brand. 

Download DesignWizard Here

  • Piktochart: – Piktochart helps non-graphics designers to create basic infographics without the use of powerful software like InDesign. It has over 400 templates that help in creating your own icon and design to get your message across. 

Download Piktochart Here

  • Pixlr: – Pixlr is a free online image editor that helps you edit your photo in over 600 different styles. It includes effects, border, background removal, etc. it is also available as an application in iOS and Android. Also, it is more popular with Instagram users who haven’t quite leveled up to using paid photo editing software.

Download Pixlr Here

Essential Tools for Graphics Designers

Here is the list of basic hardware, software, creative gears, and home office appliances that will help a graphic designer bring out more creativity and help work more efficiently.

  1. Laptop
  2. Desktop
  3. Monitor calibrator
  4. Reliable hard drive
  5. A graphic tablet such as iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  6. Flagship Smartphone 
  7. Studio camera
  8. High-resolution monitor
  9. Creative software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo from Serif
  10. Antivirus software
  11. VPN software
  12. Productivity software’s such as Google Docs
  13. Sketchbook or notebook 
  14. Ergonomic Chair
  15. Desk

This is all about Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing is an essential part of every industry. It is a crucial part of beautifully convey messages.

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