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upGrad is India’s top education provider that is building the future workforce by providing cutting-edge, relevant programs for the industry in collaboration with the top universities and industries. upGrad provides programs that cover Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, Big Data Engineering, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Technology Business Management, and much more.

Free Courses are an exclusive system inside upGrad to keep you ahead of the game and take advantage of upGrad’s learning environment at no cost. You can select courses to develop your knowledge base over only a couple of hours. You’ll have access to Cutting Edge Content that is 100% self-paced and a Live Discussion Forum where you can ask questions and connect with your classmates, and a certificate of your successful completion of the course at no cost.

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Free Courses from upGrade

Merger and Control Rights (2hrs) Course

This course will help you gain an understanding of the formal aspects of the Indian system of merger control and learn about two crucial negotiation clauses that are: The Right of First Offer (ROFO) and the right of First Refusal (ROFR)

Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (2hrs) Course

Students will learn more about IPR and its numerous interactions through this course, including trademarks, copyright, compulsory licensing, patents, and the pertinent laws and cases.

Understanding Culture and its Various Components (3hrs) Course

In this course, you’ll be learning about the significance of the word culture and its history. You’ll also learn the components that comprise the culture, the ways of cultural operation, and the agents for global and Indian changes in culture.

Getting Influencer Marketing Right (20mins) upGrad Course

In this class, you’ll learn about the concept of Influencer Marketing and what benefits influencers bring to brands, the advantages of influencer marketing, and how to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy.s

Fundamentals of Communication (1hr) Course

This course will allow you to understand different kinds of communication, including writing or gesturing, talking, broadcasting, and the main functions and elements of communication.

Law and Justice in a Globalizing World (2hrs) Course

This course will provide you with an overview of the context for law and justice and globalization and the consequences of globalization for criminal transnationality. Also, you will learn about drug trafficking and how people around the world are responding to it.

Introduction to Research Methodology (4hrs) Course

This course will allow you to master the basics of business research and why it’s essential. It will also teach you how to develop the most cutting-edge research goals for your study.

How do Brands Leverage User-Generated Content? (20mins) Course

This course will give you an understanding of the concept of users creating content that is why it is becoming increasingly well-known and what companies are using to promote their products.

Advanced Writing and Editing for Print Media (4hrs) Course 

This course will assist you in mastering the idea, characteristics, and styles of writing for feature stories. This  Advanced Writing and Editing for Print Media course teach you about the various types of platforms and styles used to write a feature story.

Introduction to Supply Chain Management (2hrs) Free Course

This Free Course of upGrade will show you the basics of supply chain management. It will also include how supply chains work, how to create an effective supply chain, and how to utilize supply chains to gain success.

Fundamentals of Development Journalism (2hrs) Course 

This course will help you understand the basics of development journalism. This will include how to prepare research, create, and publish news articles using the principles and techniques used in development journalism.

How to build your business from Zero to Zerodha – The success story of Nithin Kamath (1hr) Course 

Here you’ll learn the story of Nithin Kamath, founder, and CEO of Zerodha. He will share his tips on how to start a business from the start and the secret factor that has led to Zerodha’s growth.

Financial Analysis (7hrs) Course

This Financial Analysis Free course from upGrade will introduce you to the most critical operating levers that you require to analyze the company’s performance. You will learn the significance of managing the working capital.

Introduction to HR Management and Strategy (3hrs) Course 

This course will assist you in mastering the fundamentals in human resources management, covering its purpose, scope, and purpose and will be followed by a brief review of the basic strategies.

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your Data Science Journey (2hrs) Course

This course will assist you in finding answers to all your questions about what, when, where, and why, and how to advance within Data Science. Data Science domain

Accounting Fundamentals (5hrs) Course

This course will assist you in understanding the basics of financial statements. It will also include how to interpret them and how to utilize financial information to make decisions for the business.

Academic Writing (6hrs) Course

This course will assist you in enhancing your writing abilities to attend the college you’ve always wanted to attend. You’ll be taught how to write solid SOPs, Effective thesis declarations, essays, and other academic writing aspects.

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your MBA Journey (1hr) Free Course

The course is designed to help clear any doubts about what, when, where, how, and how to get an MBA.

How does Facebook use Data Science to Grow its Business? Course

This webinar will explore how the most successful companies employ data science to expand and increase their profits.

Effective Business Communication (6hrs) Course

This course, taught by David F. Poritzky, CEO of Envista strategies, will help you learn to master how to master your Business Communication skills.

Introduction to Microeconomics (3hrs) Course

This course will assist you in recognizing the importance of economics when allocating resources. It will also help you understand the models for economics and economic assumptions.

Introduction to Macroeconomics (3hrs) Course

Learn how the activity of firms and individuals affects the larger picture, the economic activity of a nation or the entire world 

Business Analytics Fundamentals (6hrs) Course

This course upGrad free course will provide you to learn and use powerful data visualization tools.

Career Planning Fundamentals (20mins) Course

upGrad’s Cofounder and the Managing Director, Mayank Kumar, share his expertise. And he’ll lead you through the crucial steps to create an effective career strategy.

Introduction to Product Management (8hrs) Course

Find out how you can become a Product Manager and discover some of the essential elements of product management.

Data Science in E-commerce (13hrs) Course

Learn how analytical and monitoring abilities are applied in E-commerce to take business decisions in this upGrad free course.

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Bottom Line for upGrad Free Courses

upGrad states that they’ve collaborated with India’s top academicians as well as pedagogy experts and educational technology experts to create the most stimulating learning environment for students. The platform has been made to allow you to use the learning experience at any time and at any time.

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