Best New Features in Android 11: Know all

Today, in this article, you will learn about “Best New Features in Android 11”. Android 11 is the 18th version and the eleventh major release of the Android mobile OS. Android 11 was released on 8 September 2020. Traditional alphabetical release names based on desserts and sweets were abandoned as of Android 10. Therefore the OS was straight away stamped as “Android 11”. The logo for Android 11 features a dial turned to 11 – a classical testimonial to the famous music mockumentary film This Is Spinal Tap launch in 1984. 

Android 11
“Best New Features in Android 11”. Android 11 is the 18th version and the eleventh major release of the Android mobile OS.

History of Android 11

It was calculated for three-month developer preview builds to be launched before the first beta release. The first beta release was organized in May, with three monthly beta releases before the actual launch. A shape of “platform stability” was planned for July 2020, and the final launch was done on 8 September 2020.

Every Developer Preview 1 build for Android 11 was launched on 19 February 2020 as a factory image for supported Google Pixel smartphones, which excluded the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL. Following the launch of Developer Preview 1, Developer Preview 2 was then released on 18 March. Following the two launches, respectively, Developer Preview 3 was launch on 23 April.

On 6 May, Google released a surprise Developer Preview 4, as they pushed the whole plan for Android 11 forward by a month, and the date for the first beta test was 3 June. The release of the first public beta test was at first set to happen on 3 June at Google I/O. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was ultimately canceled. Alternately, an online event was set.

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What’s new in Android 11?

The 2020 Android OS, mostly known as Android 11, is stable to use and is officially here. A user who owns a Google-supported Pixel device might already have got the update. For better or worse, Android 11, in terms of looks, feels very much like Android 10. The following are over a dozen new features and updates that make Android 11 the best yet.

  • In Android 11 there are now three notification categories, they are as follows: – Conversations, Silent, and Alerting. The Conversations section, like the name, suggests showing all the user’s conversations. Whereas the Alerting and Silent sections behave as they have behaved before in Android 10. Users can easily silence notifications from particular apps, which would then push all the further notifications to the Silent section. 
  • We’ve all done encountered this at one or another that notification comes through and you automatically swipe it away. Afterward, you think, “Hey, what was that notification or I probably shouldn’t have done that,” but by that time it’s too late. The notification is left forever. That’s not the case in Android 11. A brand new feature gives users the option of saving each and every single notification that showed up on the phone over the past 24 hours. 
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  • Android 11 advances all the media playback commands from the notification panel to just right below the Quick Settings segment. This means clicking on the ‘Clear all’ button for notifications will no longer clear the controls. If the user has active media controls for more than a single app, the user can move through them by swinging it horizontally.
  • In Android 11 direct conversations with people are currently displayed at the top of the user’s notification panel, separating them from alerts about shopping, news, or anything else that isn’t important.
  • Screen recording in Android has been possible with the help of third-party apps for years. None of the apps have been grant access to the user’s device’s internal audit. Google was planning in Android 10 to incorporate a built-in recorder which could give access to audio recording however, it was transferred onto Android 11.droid 11.

What is the difference between latest Android 11 and Android 10?

Let’s see what the difference between the latest Android 11 and Android 10 is:

Android 10

  • Dark theme.
  • Reply smartly in all the messaging apps.
  • Privacy tools and Location services are enhance.
  • Google maps have an Incognito mode.
  •  Focus mode allows Android 10 users to select various apps they want to avoid while working.
  • Parental controls are new.
  • Edge to edge gestures and slimmed down navigation bar.
  • Updates are getting send straight to the user’s phone.
  • 5G compatible.

Android 11

  • New inbuilt screen record
  • Chat bubbles for Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp, etc. 
  • Share menu pinning
  • While video recording the notifications can be mute
  • Turning on airplane mode will no longer kill Bluetooth
  • Smartphones which support variable refresh rate, the default system will make use of the apps preferred frame rate
  • Display support will be good for curved display phones. 
  • The power button is redesign as a menu.

Different Versions of Android

NameVersion Numbers Release DateFeatures 
No official  name1.023 September 2008Access to web servers Gmail, Google contacts, calendar, and maps synchronizationYouTube player
Cupcake1.527 April 2009Animated screen transitions New stock boot animation
Donut1.615 September 2009Gallery, the camera is more fully integrated supports WVGA resolutions Can select multiple photos for deletion
Éclair2.0-  2.126 October 2009 Supports Bluetooth 2.1 version and Google maps 3.1.2 are improvedMinor bug fixes, and API changes tap a contact’s photo and select to call, email or SMS
Froyo2.2 – 2.2.320 May 2010Performance optimization, speed, and memory Wi-Fi hotspot and USB tethering support Adobe Flash Player
Gingerbread2.3- 2.3.76 December 2010Improvement bug fixes for Nexus 6The user interface is updatedShadows animations were displayed for scrolling list
Honeycomb3.0- 3.2.622 February 2011 New Easter egg, which is an image of a bumblebee  themed like a TronAcceleration of hardware
Ice Cream Sandwich4.0- 4.0.418 October 2011Improved copy-paste function shut down apps from recent apps list using a swipe
Jelly Bean4.1- 4.3.19 July 2012Users can install keyboard maps USB audioThe home, and lock screen supports rotation 
KitKat4.4- 4.4.431 October 2013A framework is new for user interface transitionsSELinux is enforced
Lollipop5.0-5.1.112 November 2014Various bug fixes Wi-Fi calling support
Marshmallow6.0- 6.015 October 20154K display for appsMirascast support is dropped
Nougat7.0- 7.1.222 August 2017Picture in picture is supported for Android TVSend GIFs from the keyboard directly
Oreo8.0- 8.121 August 2017Wi-Fi assistant Automatic dark and light themes
Pie9August 06, 2018Display cut-outs are supported, Call recording features are fully disabled
Android 1010September 03, 2019Biometric authentication is better Notification bubblesSystem-wide light and dark mode
Android 1111September 08, 2020Chat bubbles Recording of screen5G connections History of notification

Bottom Line

It is beneficial for every individual who uses Android. They should know what is coming new in the Android to work efficiently. Therefore Info At One brings the “Best New Features in Android 11” topic to let you know about it.

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