Best React Examples for Beginners: Get top 5 Examples

React is one of the demanding front-end development languages in the IT industry. Individuals who wish to learn React JS language to build a successful career can opt for our Best React Examples for Beginners.

Want to learn React? Don’t know to start learning React? Need React Examples for Beginners?

Today we are going to solve a very big problem for the beginners facing while proceeding with their career in React Js. In this article, you will get detailed information regarding why, and how to learn React Programming Language as well as Best React Examples for you.

Importance of Learning React in 2021?

Many of us have this question that learning to react in 2021 will be beneficial for their career. If you are from an IT background and you are looking for a great career in front-end development then it is a very big opportunity which you can gain in your career. The upcoming future calls up the React Js developers and gives them a great opportunity to learn and earn their dream salaries. So now if we look at the importance of learning in 2021 it will be a golden opportunity for every developer to boost their career.

Now you must be thinking about how to start with react js? So let’s move ahead with it…

Best React Examples for Beginners
learn React Programming Language as well as Best React Examples for you

How to learn React?

Learning react is very easy, if you have previous experience of making projects in HTML, CSS, and JS. If you have a strong base, you can learn React very easily. There is a question that how to learn react js step by step? you can use multiple videos on YouTube. YouTube serves free to watch best react js tutorial for beginners and you can gain an extreme level of knowledge from there. Apart from that if you wish to take any Course on ReactJS you can prefer Udemy or any other websites which are ready to teach you react.

Overall, I would just suggest that if you wish to learn react you have to be consistent and precise about it you should be very much focused and you should give plenty of time for practice. If you ignore the practice, you would not be able to achieve the goal of learning react. Well, it is easy to understand the concepts but it will be difficult if you do not practice them regularly and implement them in your projects. So if you wish to become react developer and learn react you should understand the key feature of practicing every single day.

If you want suggestions from where you can learn the React for free or paid comment as below so that we can help you in a better manner.

Company Using React Js for their websites

As a beginner, you should be aware of at least five companies using React Js for their websites and they will be proceeding to develop more into it. Let’s start with the list of the companies which are using react as their front-end.

Facebook Using React Js

Facebook is the maker of react JS, the whole Facebook website has been placed on the React framework. It has achieved multiple goals and today Facebook is one of the top IT companies. React framework is very much compatible with Windows and Mac and i.e. a reason why react web pages are so much adapted by the IT companies. Now if we talk about the android or iOS device they are also been using react native for the applications running on mobile and tablets.

Instagram Using React Js

Instagram is also owned by Facebook, but you will be surprised that Instagram is also using the React framework to be in the market. We all know that how important is Instagram for everyone for the purpose of business, personal, or becoming an influencer. Instagram helps in multiple ways and it is also one of the trending applications used by everyone.

WhatsApp Using React Js

Again WhatsApp is also made up of React and also owned by Facebook. We all are aware of WhatsApp, it has been using by many people in today’s world. WhatsApp is so easy to use and it has so many useful features. WhatsApp is been used for multiple reasons it could be study purposes, business, or personal chats. Therefore the security on WhatsApp is on the next level which is also a great reason to use react.

Netflix Using React Js

We all love to watch movies and web series and if you are one of those people you are very much aware of Netflix. Have you ever imagined how Netflix is so reliable and easy to use? It does not even take seconds to load from one page to another. It just takes microseconds and you do not even feel that it has switched from one part to another. It’s just because of react and the developers who have used it in a way and made such an application.

Khan Academy Using React Js

If you are a student, you must have heard about the Khan Academy. You can learn anything from professionals and get knowledge from experienced people. Today, the Khan Academy website is totally based on React which helps millions of students to study at the same time without even having any kind of trouble on the website. So you can imagine how great and beneficial react programming is in today’s world.

How to start with react Js?

After learning react Js the most important thing you need is react examples for practice. Being a beginner with the knowledge of react, which you have gained from online or offline now you want to implement it in your projects. Here you will get a few of the links where you can get the exact code of react and how you can implement it in your system.

Click on the link and check the code. Well, it is advisable that just see the question and then start with the programming by yourself. Later on when you’re done with the programming just go through the code and see what was different from your code and this will help you to enhance your skills in react programming.

Here are the React examples for beginners knowledge:

  1. What are hooks in React JS?
  2. How to Use Bootstrap 4 in React JS: Installation, Example
  3. Create a Digital Clock in React JS?
  4. How to Make a Login form in React JS?
  5. Best React JS Project for Beginners

So above are the Top 5 Best React Examples for Beginners Online. Now you can use these react examples for practice. If you have any doubt relevant to React coding then feel free to write in the comment section, we’ll be happy to help you out!

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