Can Chocolate Be Addictive?: Symptoms, Causes, Tests

Have you ever heard this question- Can Chocolate Be Addictive? or can you get addicted to chocolate? We’ve all had those days where we crave some chocolates, but can you be addicted to chocolate? Can one call these compelling urges to be an addiction?

Can Chocolate Be Addictive? We've all had those days
Can one call these compelling urges to be an addiction?

What is Chocolate Addiction?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “chocoholic” was first coined in 1968. The term “chocoholic” is mainly used humorously to describe a person who is very much fond of chocolate. Although like other addictions in some individuals, “Chocolate Addiction” is nowadays somewhat a severe issue. Though there is a fine line between eating chocolate in average amounts and using chocolate as a drug, there are actual cases and evidence to conclude the real addiction to chocolate. Generally, researchers feel that “chocolate addiction” is not a true addiction.

Since chocolates do contain some mind-altering ingredients, these mind-altering ingredients are also found in less appealing foods such as broccoli, etc. We generally crave particular foods due to our current mental state or exterior prompts instead of being hungry.  When we crave specific foods, it could indicate that there might be a deficiency in micro or macronutrient in our body. Chocolate craving could mean a lack of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential and vital mineral required in our body, and it is responsible for more than 300 enzyme reactions in our body. 

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Reason for Chocolate Addiction

When we talk about addiction to chocolate, there is no one defined single cause for chocolate addiction. But one of the most common is to be an addiction to sugar consumption in our daily foods. When someone offers us chocolate, we cannot hold out against it, and our instinct tells us to have it. When you surrender to the desire and have it, it means you’re a chocolate addict. But if we have the willpower to say no to the offered chocolate, then it means we’ve no addiction to chocolate. 

A synthetic named enkephalin is discharged in our mind when chocolate is eaten. Enkephalin triggers the narcotic receptors, which are additionally getting trigger when somebody devours heroin or morphine. This leads to desire more chocolate when it first gets eaten, and afterward, a few cases lead to fixation. Another fundamental driver is a slight change in hormone levels in ladies can raise exceptional longings for additional chocolates. Having chocolates actuates the synapses that demonstrate the cerebrum for some delight. And afterward, the cerebrum considers it for remuneration and continues needing extra.

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What are the symptoms of chocolate addiction? 

Given below are some of the more common and well-known symptoms of chocolate addiction:

Test for chocolate addiction 

  • Keep the entire include of your score and eventually, you’ll have the option to be your adjudicator when concluding if you’re excited about chocolate. 
  • You’ve had an unpleasant day at work and after you return home there’s no one home. Isn’t that right? 
  • Set out a glass of wine and put your number one music and have a lovely little move (score 2). 
  • Call a type to talk about your harsh day while you have a quick tidbit (score 3). 
  • open up a bar of chocolate and have everything directly (score 4). 
  • You’re doing all your week by week basic food item shop, and you quickly enter the chocolate path of the general store. How might you respond? 
  • Snatch the things on your shopping rundown and proceed with your shopping (score 2). 
  • Put the list items in your trolley, then have a fast browse to determine if there’s anything new or special you would like to feature to your shopping (score 3).
  • Head out of the path since you wish to return whenever you have got done with shopping to really target which chocolate to search for (score 4)

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What does your score mean? 

Score 4-6: You don’t appear to claim trouble with chocolates. You appreciate it as a sweet treat; however, it doesn’t have any power over your sentiments and feelings. 

Score more than 6: You’ll jump in transit or inside the grasp of chocolate habit. If you’re glad for how you burn through chocolate, at that point, it’s alright. Be that as it may if you continually feel regretful, disappointed, or need to keep the utilization of chocolate and like this how you get it a mystery, it should be an ideal opportunity to instigate some assistance like looking for help from a specialist, spellbinding, and so forth. 

Ways to overcome chocolate addiction 

  • Suppose you have an addiction to chocolate and identify when your addiction started. Try to first identify when and why you started increasing your consumption of chocolates and started relying on it. For example, you might recollect that you first started eating excessive chocolate right after you lost your last job which made you fall sick. This is the first and foremost step in overcoming your addiction to chocolates. 
  • On the off chance that you’re not eating chocolate since it satisfies you, at that point, there is a chance you may be eating more chocolate to make up for a tendency a large number of which can be negative feelings. 
  • To assist you with understanding why you depend on chocolate attempt this. Whenever you eat chocolate attempt to delay for a couple of moments and focus on what you’re feeling. Ask yourself whether you truly need to eat the chocolate for the taste or you eating it due to feelings. Feelings, for example, you’re feeling miserable, irate, on edge, lament, blame, or some other feeling.

This is all about Can Chocolate Be Addictive? Chocolate can give pleasure, but it can be addictive too. Info At One always tries to serve you the best and essential information. You must get it; can you be addicted to chocolate? Stay tuned for more info.

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