Download: WinFi Lite a WiFi Analyzer for Windows

WinFi  Lite is a new networking program and app for Microsoft Windows devices. Typically it is known as WinFi Lite, a WiFi Analyzer for Windows. WinFi is developed to administer, analyze, and manage wireless networks. This application is available as a Microsoft Store application and is also known as wifi analyzer windows, wifi scanner for pc, or wifi finder for pc. 

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How WinFi Lite Works?

The working of the WinFi Lite is as follows:

This WinFi Lite program or software displays the list of wireless networks that it discovered during an initial scan. The list is updated automatically by default, but you can click on the “Pause” button to stop the scan. 

Scanned list for each wireless network displays:


Network name

Vendor name







Channel utilization



Last seen date and many more.

This software also provides the network capabilities report and two nearby reports, one for 5 GHz and one for 2.4 GHz. This is an excellent service as it clears some of the clutter and lets us focus on the closes networks you scanning. 

You can add profiles in the settings, those are customizable, and you can create profiles you like. You can also share those profiles.

In the lower panel, click on the Network Display Details; it involves tabs to divide details, signals, spectrum, parameters, and notes. With a click on any network details in the lower panel, the application displays graphs that highlight the strength of the selected network. You can also add notes to it. The program color code for each network shows the signal strength effectively.

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Advantages of WinFi Lite Analyzer

Following are the benefits of WinFi Lite or wifi analyzer software

  1. It monitors and maintains wireless networks.
  2. Excellently speed up Wi-Fi Troubleshooting.
  3. This wifi finder for pc perform Straightforward Wi-Fi analysis
  4. This wifi analyzer windows is best in the class filter, grouping, and sorting capabilities.
  5. It also has  session recording, playback, and PCAP Export
  6. Provides high-performance GPU accelerated UI with real-time updates.
  7. It involves Customizable UI and profiles for UI and Data Settings. 

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Overall there are excellent reviews for the Winfi Lite, a WiFi Analyzer for Windows. It was launched in the previous year, September 2019. So this is all about WinFi Lite. Stay Tuned for more information and updates about it. Info At One always tries to provide you trending and perfect communication. 

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