Free Microsoft Courses and Certification 2022

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington. They manufacture, develop licenses, support, and sell computers, including consumer electronics, personal computers, and services.

It’s a bundle with productivity-related software. Its primary applications are spreadsheets, word processors as well as presentation programs. It’s a collection of applications for businesses with the same user interface. Microsoft Office is the most well-known software in this class. However, it’s cost-based.

This is a list of hand-picked selections of Top Free Microsoft Office Training Courses and Certifications to help you learn more about this topic. This list is the open-source (free) as well as commercial (paid) courses.

What are the top Free Microsoft Courses and Certification 2022?

Following are the Free Microsoft Courses to learn from home:

Ultimate Microsoft Office Course

Ultimate Microsoft Office course incorporates courses like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. It can be accessed online—Microsoft Course design by Simon Sez IT. The course will provide advanced instruction for MS- Excel and MS- Access. Also, you will gain complete information on Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word.

Learn to create beautiful graphs and charts using Excel Practice methods to backup and restore your Excel spreadsheets and the data they contain. Learn the most effective ways to sort and filter your data within Excel and also learn how to include graphs, charts, and tables into your PowerPoint presentation data in an untextual format.

Microsoft Office Essential Skills Course

This course requires no prior knowledge. Students must be able to access the PC along with MS Office 2010 or later. Many rules are the same for Office 2007. The 2007 version is the same as Office 2013. But, version 2010 is the most widely used version that is included in the Microsoft Office tutorials. The Microsoft Office Essential skills course can help you advance your career.

Microsoft 365 Essential Training Course

This MS Office course covers Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility knowledge. It’s a complete guide to all of the possibilities, capabilities, and opportunities in Microsoft 365. It covers essential topics and technologies and provides demonstrations of the most critical scenarios that are part of Microsoft 365.

After completing this free Microsoft certificate course, you will understand how to manage Microsoft 365. You will also understand how the technology of Microsoft 365 and the Office 365 Suite fits together.

Microsoft Office Time-Saving Techniques Course

This course is for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Office. It is the best course for those who want to increase their proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite. You can use Microsoft Office Suite for different applications.

In this absolutely free Microsoft certification course, you’ll learn numerous shortcuts, tips, and tricks for completing your Excel task without taking all of your working days.

What can you expect to learn in the Microsoft Office Time Saving Techniques course? You’ll be learning how to minimize the mess and chaos in the Outlook Inbox, efficiently manage massive Word documents by making professionally formatted PowerPoint presentations that are consistent, and work with massive datasets using Excel.

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Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips Course 

This course will cover the essential tricks and quick tips to get the work you do accomplish efficiently. You’ll learn helpful and practical techniques, such as selecting the visible cells one click away, or putting in the header in a customized format, for instance.

The Microsoft Office Shortcuts and Speed Tips Course will teach you the most common tools that can get utilized in all Microsoft applications and scenarios using the fundamental knowledge acquired from this Excel course.

You will be learning the basics of how to use office shortcuts using the Windows taskbar, universal commands, and the task manager. You will also learn the fundamental Shortcuts Quiz and ways to move, choose and edit your documents without the mouse.

Microsoft Office 365: Administration Course

This no-cost Microsoft certification course includes Azure rights management. It also consists of implementation for Microsoft 365 Pro plus, custom domains, hybrid active directory, exchange administration, Skype for business, SharePoint Online, etc.

Microsoft 365: Implement Security and Threat Management Course

The course tests participants in their ability to analyze the need to plan, organize migration, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services. It is an MS Office course that covers a variety of suggested tools and methods to ensure that access to user accounts and user accounts are correctly managed and monitored.

In this class, you’ll be learning how to set up as well as manage Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and other security alerts and reports.

After this cost-free Microsoft training course, you will acquire the techniques to secure all of your Microsoft 365 installations.

Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security Course

This course teaches enrolled participants how to set up mailbox permissions and then share them. Also, you will learn how to configure groups and contacts, configure antivirus filters, and many more.

This Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals: Exchange Online and Security, a free Microsoft course, you’ll also learn about Intune Endpoint Protection, which assists you in controlling security options and safeguards your files and documents from spam and malware.

Bottom Line 

In most Free Microsoft Courses, no previous understanding of Microsoft Office is required. All you need is a computer with an internet connection, and you should install Microsoft Office on your PC, and you are ready to opt for courses.

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