Free Online Cyber Security Courses With Certificates In India

Looking for Cyber Security Courses?

In the modern world of online communication, every person is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is essential to cover the variety of cyber-related security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks on networks, systems, or data. The demand for cybersecurity experts has increased more than before.

This article will look into some top free cyber security courses.

Free Online Cyber Security Courses
In the modern world of online communication, every person is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

What Is The Importance of Learning Cyber Security?

The significance of cyber security is implanted in the need to ensure that data, information, and devices are secure and secure. Nowadays, we store vast amounts of information on computers and other electronic devices connected to the internet. Most of this data is considered sensitive, including passwords and financial information.

If a cybercriminal tends to try to access such stored information, they could trigger various issues. They could be able to share sensitive information, make use of passwords to steal funds, or even alter data in such a way that it is beneficial to the user in the way they want to.

Cyber security is essential for companies to ensure their information, finances, as well as and intellectual property are safe. People also need it for similar reasons, but intellectual property isn’t as big an issue, and there is a greater chance of losing important data, like family photographs. For government agencies or public services, Cyber security can ensure that the public is able to continue to trust their services. For instance, an attack on an energy company could result in an entire city blackout. If it was targeted at an institution, it could take money from hundreds of thousands of customers.

What are the free online cyber security courses with certificates?

The followings are some best Cyber Security Courses online:

MyGreatLearning – Introduction to Cyber Security Course

This free cyber security training will allow you to explore the cyber security world and its effects on today’s world. It will teach you the basics of Computer Security, such as the Design of Secure Systems, Goals, and key concepts in Cybersecurity and widespread attacks. It will also teach you Buffer Overflow, Cryptography, Types of Cryptography, and Designing an effective security system and case studies.

This course is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in Cybersecurity but doesn’t know how to begin. You will be able to build your foundations in one of the top sought-after fields in the world today. Also, get certified through Great Learning after successfully completing this course. The certificate is able to be shared on different platforms to increase the quality of your resume, CV, or profile.

The course offers lectures by world-class experts in Cybersecurity which aids in the development of relevant skills for the industry. The program and networking support provided by Great Learning help candidates find the jobs they want within the industry.

Coursera – Cybersecurity Specialization Course

A Coursera Specialization is a series of classes that help you learn a new specific skill. Its Cybersecurity Specialization covers the fundamental principles that underlie the creation of security systems from hardware. It’ll be through the software to the interface between computers and humans, including using cryptography for secure communications. These concepts are illustrated by examples from the current technology and reinforced with practical exercises using appropriate tools and methods. The successful participants will teach a new security-focused way and better understand how they can think about threats and design security systems to defend against them.

Udemy – Cyber Security Course for Beginners – Level 01 Course

Cyber Security is one of the cutting-edge, most current professional fields. Cyber Security for Beginners course provides an in-depth review of Cyber Security theories and methods. Starting with the basics essential to cyber safety, further classes will explore the core technologies, including encryption, sandboxing, and antiviruses. Security of your WordPress website as well as your online identity is also covered in this course. Along with safe online transactions, security of emails, and how to manage cyber security.

The course is comprised of 15 training videos and other materials. The videos cover the understanding of the security concepts as well as a discussion on helping non-technical internet users understand the complexities of cyber security and how to safeguard their online privacy. This Studying is self-paced however, the whole series could be completed in a matter of two weeks.

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Cybrary IT – Mobile App Security Course

Mobile application security is among the fastest-growing fields in the cybersecurity field, and this Cyber Security Courses on the Cybrary platform gives students a thorough overview of this specific specialization. The instructor is Tony Ramirez, who holds a master’s in Cybersecurity and Forensics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and takes less than 1 hour to complete the course.

The no-cost Cybersecurity online course aims to train students with no or very little prior knowledge of mobile app security to comprehend the fundamentals of mobile threats. You will also learn different types of testing that can be used to test the safety of mobile apps. Understand to create security baselines for their companies and start the journey to the field of mobile application security.

University of Washington via edX – Introduction to Cybersecurity Course

The University of Washington course serves as a foundational course in Cybersecurity for students who wish to master the area. It is taught by the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity director that is intended to be taught in four weeks.

Students will study the terms and definitions used in the field and identify the threat actors and how they’re motivated to target. Additionally, they will teach about the different types of controls used to fight the various actors, the differences between international cybersecurity agencies, and the legal issues associated with Cybersecurity.

Students who have passed the online cybersecurity course, which is free, are able to buy certifications for a fee, but it isn’t an obligation.

SANS Cyber Aces Online – Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Course

The SANS Institute is one of the most renowned organizations in system security. It intends to expand the total pool of skilled professionals. They offer the same curriculum to train cybersecurity professionals across the globe for anyone curious about learning. There is no cost to attend the class, and there is no requirement to sign up; however, there are actual hardware and software prerequisites.

The online cyber security course starts with introducing users to Linux and Windows operating systems before moving through network and system administration. Students will gain the necessary skills and know-how to grasp the basic principles of Cybersecurity. They will be equipped with the capability to build their home networks or even begin employment in the field. The material is frequently up-to-date to reflect developments within the threats landscape as well as technological advances.

Bottom Line

We hope you got information about the best cyber security courses online for free. Now you can quickly get free cyber security training at your place. 

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