How Do I Start JavaScript Programming? Get Examples

Today, we are going to learn about JavaScript Programming. There are so many questions regarding JavaScript we face when we start learning JavaScript. We are going to answer most of your questions related to JavaScript Programming.

If you are a student and you are looking for a Career in the Information Technology Sector you should be aware of JavaScript. It has a great scope for your future, in this article, you will see how you can learn JavaScript and have a better understanding of JavaScript.

Let’s just take a brief introduction about JavaScript first, we will be answering a few of your basics questions so that you can have a little clear picture before we start. Most of the time we have heard that JavaScript is one of the hardest programming languages well it always depends upon the level of practice and determination you are offering to learn it.

Most of us are aware but there might be few people who don’t have an idea why we are using JavaScript. So first of all, JavaScript is a programming language that is used for backend purposes as well as for the front-end. If we look at the websites on Google, we will find that the design of the website is being done in HTML and CSS but the functionalities which the website is using are all working on JavaScript. This gives us a little information about why we use JavaScript, so let’s move on to the article.

we are going to learn about JavaScript Programming
JavaScript Programming Get Examples

How can I be good at JavaScript?

This is a question which most developers have in their minds after they have learned basic programming language. If you are a front-end developer and you have mastered HTML and CSS then the Next step and a very important one is to move on to JavaScript.

You can learn JavaScript through many sources like YouTube, Blogs, Articles or through paid courses like Udemy and other websites which help you to develop your JavaScript skills.

We would like to give you a suggestion that you should be very much aware of the technology which you are willing to learning. So, it would be great you try to do more RND of the skill which you want to learn.

As a bonus, we can just suggest you one of the free websites where you can learn each and every JavaScript code for free. An also check the examples of how they are working and start implementing them in your own programs. This will help you to understand the logic and the concepts behind that code. You can refer to W3 school for JavaScript learning. This is one of the great platforms where you can learn the code and even try it yourself.

Prerequisites before you start learning JavaScript Programming?

This is a very common question when you start the JavaScript code and you get confused about what you should be aware of. The components used in JavaScript include the syntax, statement, variable, operation, arithmetic data type, function, objects, events, string, array.

All these things are get utilize in JavaScript. This will be useful for the developers to understand JavaScript in a better manner. So first just make sure that you understand this concept and then use them in your project accordingly.

The new update of JavaScript which we are very much familiar with is ES6. ES6 was launched in 2015 before this the versions ES1 to ES5 were used but now ES6 is the latest version. It helps them as a framework to be fit with every browser. So you can say that JavaScript is a Cross-browser programming language.

Which is better JavaScript or React, Angular, Vue?

React, Vue, angular are all these languages get in use in multinational companies today. But if you want to learn any of this programming you have to be very much clear with your JavaScript. This is the base for all these programming languages their syntax can differ but the logic and the concepts are always the same. You have to be very much familiar with JavaScript to emerge yourself into these highly used programming languages.

Let’s see some examples from which you can understand how JavaScript works and what code you should use to write one of the basic programs is Hello World.

Example 1:

Index.html file:-






 <script type=”text/javascript”>

function myFunction() {

 document.write(“Hello World!”);





The Output will be (Hello World!)

Example 2: Only change the Script to find the Sum of 2 numbers


document.write(10 + 20); // To see the output on the screen.

window.alert(5 + 6); // You can use this when you want the answer on your page load.

console.log(5 + 6); //Use this code to check the answer in the console section.


The Output will be (30)

Example 3:. Only change the Script to find the time, you need to add <time id=’date’></time> in the HTML section.


var currentDate = new Date(),

month = currentDate.getMonth() + 1,

day = currentDate.getDate(),

year = currentDate.getFullYear(),

date = day+ “-” + month+ “-” + year;

document.getElementById(“date”).innerHTML = date;


The Output will be (The current date DD-MM-YYYY)

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