Know Trending Technology: AI, AR, VR, IoT, IoB, RPA, Blockchain

Want to up-skill yourself with Trending Technology?

There’s no double thought that the coming decade will bring many exciting technological advances. In this article on trending technology, we wish to outline the key technology trends that we believe will shape the upcoming future.

If you do not want to Learn the Best Trending Technology, you should at least keep yourself upskilled with the latest technologies. Technology makes the work more efficient and lessens the chances of errors.

Let’s understand what the Best Technology to learn in 2021 are;

Learn the Best Trending Technology
Want to up-skill yourself with Trending Technology?

Top Trending Technology

Following are some of the top trending technologies:

What is Artificial Intelligence AI?

Artificial intelligence AI is one of the Best TrendingsTechnology. As a machine processes a human simulation, it is known as AI, like computers, robots, and other devices that can give you some output of their work.

What languages are used by AI?

Talking about artificial intelligence, it is the future of the next generation. Every industry is getting active with AI technology. The industries are looking for developers also to upgrade their technology into AI.

Well, AI is a combination of well-written software and hardware. If the hardware product is not proper, the software product will not be compatible with it. The languages used to make sure that the AI software is ready are Python, R, and JavaScript. These are the languages that are very much popular in artificial intelligence.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most significant technologies present in the IT industry right now. With the help of Augmented Reality today, we can do so many different things which we couldn’t do in the past.

We all have smartphones with us; we can see some simple augmented reality use. Augmented Reality is helping us to see things that are not even present in nature. For example, we all remember the very famous application game known as Pokémon Go. We had to capture the Pokémons in front of us, throwing a ball at them. Well, this is an obvious picture of what Augmented Reality can do for us. It gives us a simulation of the 3-D effect in front of us but with the help of other smartphones.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Today, a Virtual Reality (VR), the IT industries revolve around Virtual Reality. Well, Virtual Reality is the simulated environment created by computer technology.

Why is virtual Reality different from actual Reality? It is something that we do not have to experience in our lives. For example, we all know nowadays that 3-D games are available. We can play them, but what if we can be a part of it and play simultaneously in the game.

Yes, it is possible with the help of Virtual Reality. It assists in giving us 3-D imagination with the help of virtual reality devices to be a part of that game and do many other things using it.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things or IoT is one of the very common physical devices which is utilized by millions of people around us. Nowadays, everyone is using IoT for personal use. Now, this could be a question of how a typical person can use the IoT for its usage.

We all are using smartphones, and it consists of Google Assistant or Siri, which helps us find anything at our fingertips. This is something which is known as the internet of things. We have seen that a single device controls the advanced level of houses which are made with high-tech technology. For example, if a light is turned on and off with the help of a device or just by saying it.

What is the Trending Technology Internet of Behavior (IOB)?

Internet of Behavior (IOB) was introduced for the IoT, and it was used wisely, but even after having such a technology, it wasn’t useful for the companies to give their services to the users to analyze and understand the behavior of the customer.

So, the new technology IOB has been introducing to get the data from the IoT. We can gather and analyze accordingly with the help of IOB. It helps the company to get their customers sooner. This is beneficial for both of them as the customer does not need to run to multiple sites to check the products they need. The companies know the exact customers to whom they should target and sell their products.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the Best Trending Technology software technology that makes it simpler to develop, deploy, and handle software embedded in a robot. Well, the usage of this RPA is to reduce the work of humans and give robots a common understanding of their daily work.

The things we repeatedly do every day can be transfer to a robot, and it is possible with the help of RPA. We can enhance the workflow of the office environment with its help. The responsibilities can be divided, and the flexibility has been improved. When the employees take leave, the robots will be working in the organization’s background. This way, the RPA is helpful for the organization and will also be helpful for future use.

What is blockchain?

Nowadays, we hear about the Blockchain, and most people are not aware of it. Blockchain is a particular sort of database, and it is different from the normal database in the form of storing the data in it.

Well before that, we should know what a database is?

The database is something that stores all the data of any particular thing. For example, if we have a Google account, we can store our data on Google Drive or any other account like iCloud; we can also store our data on iCloud. This is the basic introduction of the database now; let’s talk more about the blockchain database.

Let’s talk about what is the basic use in today’s world for the Blockchain. We all are aware of bitcoin. Well, the Blockchain is capable of storing bitcoin in it. Its design is in a format that not a single person or a group of people can have access to the Blockchain. Only the particular person who owns that specific database can access it and use those bitcoins to sell or buy in it. This is how the Blockchain is so famous in the bitcoin field.

Bottom Line for Trending Technology

IT technology is beneficial for the current society. Trending Technology is developing many new opportunities in various fields of activity. Still, when the boundaries are crossed and the population does not control these gadgets anymore, there is an issue that can have serious consequences for the healthy growth of humans.

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