Teenage Mental Health Issues: Know Facts, Symptoms, Apps

Teenage Mental Health Issues are the major issues face by almost every teenager. According to a study, one in five teens has a diagnosable mental health disorder like depression or anxiety. Such teenage mental health issues are on the rise and they are at an all-time high. 

Are you or your child going through such mental issues? Need solutions to deal with it?

You are in right place!!! In this article, we’ll discuss the issues and then solutions to the issues. 

What is the Teenage Mental Health Crisis?

In addition to depression and anxiety, several common teenage mental health issues are rising in teens. Following are the common teenage mental health disorders


Depression is one of the major mental issues in teenagers. It makes changes in sleep schedule, creates excessive moodiness, changes in eating habits that result in weight loss or gain. Individuals start isolating themselves, stop socializing with friends, and sometimes try to hurt themselves or themselves.  

Eating Disorders

Teenagers things a lot about their body shape, color, etc., and these body image concerns can become obsessions, resulting in the start of weight loss, weight gain, severely affecting the adolescent’s health.  

Drug Abuse

When teens suffer from trauma or stress, mental health issues can lead them to experiment with alcohol and drugs. The behavioral and physical signs of alcohol and drug abuse include hangovers, slurred speech, etc. parents should always have open communication to know the child’s mental health and their habits as over-the-counter medications can be abused as well.


It is very general in teenagers which creates a reaction to a challenging, unfamiliar, or stressful situation. Anxiety is the emotions of worry and nervousness that go along with the thought of bad might happen. This is happening teenage is a time of emotional, physical, and social change.

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So typical teenage mental health issues but let us know what the causes of mental illness in youth are:

Mental Health Issues
Teenage Mental Health Issues are the major issues face by almost every teenager. According to a study

What are the Causes of Mental Illness in Youth?

Mental illness or mental issues in teens are increasing so dramatically. Teenagers may be affected by a combination of several factors like: 

Excessive use of technology

More use of technology takes time and energy away from relationships, education, and extracurricular activities from the teens which are important for them. According to a study, adolescents spent more time on media screen activities and less time on useless activities, which may cause depression as well as suicide.

Social Media

Does social media affect teenage mental health? Yes. The effects of social media on teenage mental health is it’s a primary source of anxiety and pressure for teenagers. Due to the more interaction of people on social media, teens become depressed when they compare their lives unfavorably with others. 

Academic Pressure 

Due to the competition for college, grad school, higher-level jobs, or getting more marks, many teens experience some kind of academic pressure. 

Nature-Deficit Issue

Nowadays teens spend more time with screens, they don’t get outside enough hence they suffer from nature deficit problem. Due to spending less time outdoors, they experience numerous behavioral and mental health issues. 

Biological Factors

Biological factors refer to anything physical that can harm an individual’s mental health. Mental illness has a long history of biologically based evidence. It majorly involves brain issues and other biological factors considered as possible contributing factors to mental illness. 

Environmental factors

It involves things like emotional and sexual trauma, bullying, demand at school, domestic violence in the home, loss of a close person, chronic illness, natural disaster, social expectation. These causes tend to be difficulties or stressors that teenagers deal with daily. 

How parents can help teenagers?

As a parent, it is important to be aware of what is going with their child’s behavior and emotions. Everyone is different, but with the prevalence of mental illness in teenagers, there is a chance your child may be affected. So how you can help them?

Try to keep communication constant, open & honest

Your child should know that they can share everything and anything openly with you. Make them comfortable by sharing and talking about your own experiences and fears when you were an adolescent. This way you make them feel that they are not alone.

Know that mental health issues are treatable

Gain some knowledge about the most typical mental health disorders among teenagers. Talk to your child’s pediatrician, local health department, and child’s school representatives to gather information. 

Always notice your teen’s behavior

Try to understand signs of teenage mental health problems. The major signs are teen starts overreacting to small things, don’t sleep properly, and change in appetites, etc. 

Best Apps for Teenage Mental Health 

Moodfit App

Moodfit is one of the best apps which serves tools & insights to improve your mental health. It is chosen by The American Nurses Foundation to support the mental health and resilience of nurses.

 Features of Moodfit App

  1. Asks questions that help to determine the severity of the symptoms.
  2. Serves various articles and audio files that can help you better understand what you’re experiencing.
  3. Tracks your moods.
  4. Serves actionable insights into what affects your mood and then gives strategies for feeling better. 
  5. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches you how to dispute overly negative thoughts.
  6. The thought record feature serves strategies for altering irrational thoughts to earn how to think differently.
  7. Learning of new skills, such as gratitude and mindfulness. 
  8. You can create and test your experiments. 
  9. Assist you in knowing your medications and therapy better. 
  10. To improve your symptoms, it helps in recognizing what treatment strategies are working best.

MoodMission App

MoodMission is another best app to deal with mental health issues. This app suggests Missions depending on how the user is feeling. Before unlocking the app user have to answer six surveys. These six survey questions involve topics like emotions and general well-being. 

Each mission is an activity meant to enhance your mood or skills that include thing such as:

Emotion-based activities

Behavior-based activities

Physical activities

Thought-based activities

In the mission log, you can see all completed missions and you’ll be assigned ranks as you progress through the app. 

Talkspace App

This Talkspace app connects the user with a licensed mental health professional so the user can receive therapy from digital devices. They are trained therapists in the areas of cognitive-behavioral therapy, existential-humanistic approaches, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, and mindfulness. 

After paying $65 user can get endless messaging therapy with your therapist. Also, user can send text, video, and audio to your therapist whenever you wish to and you’ll get response one to two times per day and five days per week. 

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Bottom Line

So you know Causes of Teenage Mental Health Disorders, Dealing with Teenage Mental Health, and Best Apps to Support Teenage Mental Health. Depression in the teenage years is common but as a parent or you need to understand how to tackle it or you can go for teenage mental health counseling

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