What are the drawbacks of using AR? Know Its Risks

Have you ever thoughts what can be the drawbacks of using AR

If no, today will discuss the What are Disadvantages of Augmented Reality and how it affects individuals. 

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR varies from VR in that it overlays computerized data onto actual environmental factors and doesn’t need a headset. AR is transparent and permits you to see and associate with your current environment. It adds digital pictures and information to improve perspectives on the real world. Augmented Reality is used in apps that allow Even though you to see your environment in real-time. VR and AR innovations are utilized in education for e-learning and in the military for battle, medic, and flight reenactment preparing. The list of AR applications keeps on developing.

Augmented Reality
If no, today will discuss the What are Disadvantages of Augmented Reality and how it affects individuals.

What are Examples of Augmented Reality?

Nintendo’s Pokémon Go App

The raving success of 2016, Pokémon Go permitted users to get their favorite Pokémon by seeing through their mobile phones in this present world with superimposed pictures. The game was a mind-boggling achievement, with up to 65 million users at the peak of its popularity. 

Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers

Utilizing a similar essential thought as Pokémon Go, Google added a component to the camera of its Pixel telephones that permitted users to enter AR stickers into pictures and videos.

Disney Coloring Book

A couple of years prior, Disney made a remarkable path for kids to see their favorite characters in 3D utilizing AR. The research group created innovation utilizing AR that would project colored pictures from a coloring book into 3D renderings utilizing a cell phone or tablet. This innovation is as yet at its outset and has not yet been delivered to general society.

L’Oreal Makeup App

Beauty Company L’Oréal has a mobile app that will permit users to try out different kinds of makeup. The application identifies users’ faces and then will virtually display you what you would like with a particular shade or certain beauty products.

With the development, it has some drawbacks. Let’s see what are the disadvantages of augmented reality

What are the Drawbacks/Limits of using?

Augmented Reality has been a fascinating topic nowadays, and technology has come a long way from its origin in Virtual Reality (VR). AR has developed from the awkward head-mounted gadget to cell phones. Its present execution on the cell phone has formed augmented reality into what it is today. Along its improvement way, it has met a few difficulties since the technology is reliant upon the advancement of PCs and the digital network. So let’s see what are the drawbacks of using AR and limitations:

Drawbacks of using AR and Limitation of AR

  • The very first limitation of Augmented Reality is rendering digital data into meaningful graphics and scaling it to fit the perspective of the visual field.
  • In mobile phones, AR has to work with restricted processing power, little range of memory, and small storage. 
  • AR has to be marketing and advertising as financial motives will determine AR’s survival. 
  • AR is lean in its technology and has far to go to become an everyday tool. 
  • The biggest challenge for AR is social acceptance, addressing privacy, and becoming profitable for businesses to utilize it.
  • Because of irregularities in AR programming, oversight, and carelessness, there is an authentic possibility of falling into difficulty without significance to provide privacy and security. 
  • AR works in reality and adds a tad of digital into it. These components are pushing consideration away from reality which may create a possibly dangerous circumstance.
  • The lack of dependable use cases for AR technology. Most of the AR Applications are one-trick ponies. It can do one thing which can be carry out without their help with a similar level of effectiveness.
  • The technological gap between AR devices is one thing to design an app for a fully-fledged AR gear, and it is a completely different thing to do for a smartphone. 
  • AR-based apps or devices cannot be grasped without the right training thus increase costs and time involved.
  • With so limited difference between reality and the digital world, sometimes extreme conditions can be artificial which might prove to be dangerous for people.

What are the Risks of Augmented Reality?

There is a different kind of risks of Augmented Reality and the followings are the major types of risks:

The advent of the internet followed by social media and mobile technology made it easy for individuals to access massive amounts of information from different sources. And this gets simpler with wearable AR technology such as AR smart glasses. But later it can cause stress, uncertainty, and can prompt inaction.

AR glasses and lenses made through inadequate plan and manufacturing cycles. This can possibly cause weakness in the impression of the wearer and may prompt serious outcomes relying upon the application.

Despite the fact that AR is fit for conveying significant data to clients either in hands-free or a hand-held way, it might likewise go about as an interruption in some cases. Workers recently furnished with the innovation may discover AR to be to a greater extent an interruption. Interruptions brought about by AR can be particularly dangerous when utilized for exercises like driving or medical procedures.

Gathering data is a primary part of AR systems, as it not only gathers the user data of the devices but also the individuals being see through the devices. Ultimately this is may not be ideal for ensuring personal privacy. 

Bottom Line

Hope you understand the Drawbacks of using AR and its risks. Growing technology assists humans in many things and it consists of lots of advantages. But remember it has consequences too. Use AR technology but also keep in mind what are the Drawbacks of using AR.

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