Universities To Opt For MBA In The US

In the USA, there are more than 500 universities. Some of them receive public funding, while others are privately operated. MBA is the most popular course among overseas students in the United States. With 1 lakh people pursuing an MBA in US each year, the US is the largest MBA market in the world. You shouldn’t let high numbers deter you because the US economy is so large that it can accommodate all of the MBA graduates looking for improved employed prospects.

BLS estimates that by 2024, there will be over 1 lakh brand new job openings in the USA for graduates in MBA. It is not surprising that international students prefer to MBA in US. Leadership positions are more unique and emotionally resonant with one’s spirit. Students who study MBA from the united states hold an excellent reputation in the business world globally. To learn more about the facts regarding studying in the US, keep reading this blog.

MBA Specialization:-
•MBA in General Management
• MBA in Finance
•MBA in Marketing entrepreneurship
• MBA in Human Resource management
•MBA in Operations Management
•MBA in Technology management
•MBA in Management information systems
•MBA in Consulting

Types of MBA in US

Full-time MBA:-An intensive and disciplined curriculum, a full-time MBA program normally lasts two years to finish. Numerous full-time programs have strict graduation schedules. Students pursuing the degree on campus have access to the full-time MBA program. A large number of two-year MBA programs are accepted as STEM degrees.

Part-time MBA:- It is possible to complete a part-time MBA program while working full-time or enrolling in any other course by attending weekdays or evening classes. There are four semesters, and each semester is 6 months long. These are preferred by professionals who are enrolled in MBA school while maintaining their employment.

Online MBA:-Online MBA has become popular among students these days. Online MBA is the same as a full-time program, but the core difference between full-time and online MBA is that in online MBA, one can learn all the necessary business and management skills through distance learning or online mode. The master of business administration has long been an option for those who feel their present job path needs to be expanded. Professionals these days prefer this type of MBA program because they may complete it from home while settling their own schedules.

Executive MBA:- The executive MBA program is best for the students who wish to continue working full-time while going to school at the same time and who are doing well in their employment. Programs have different scheduling, but the majority offer part-time options like weekend classes. This MBA degree is popular for professionals who wish to earn a higher knowledge in the field of Management and business. There are certain EMBA degrees that qualify as STEM degrees.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in the United States

Education needed:- The requirements for an MBA program may differ between colleges. However, the following are requirements for admission to MBA programs:-
▪︎A bachelor’s degree, equivalent in any field from a reputed university.
▪︎An undergraduate degree with a minimum of 75 percent.
▪︎ Score on GMAT should be higher than 600, or the GRE equivalent might be accepted by some universities.
▪︎International students must provide their ILETS or TOEFL results as proof of their English language proficiency.
▪︎Most institutions demand a minimum of two years of professional experience to a maximum of 5 years of experience.

Documents Needed to Submit by International Students who wish to Study for MBA in US

•Academic record
•GMAT/GRE results
•Reference letter
•Cover letter
•Statement of Top objective recruiters of MBA graduates in the United States:-
•Credit Suisse
•American Express
•JP Morgan chase
•Bank of America

Top Institute of MBA in the United States

College NameGPA GMAT scoreWork experience Language proficiency 
Colombia Business School3.67205 yearsTOEFL-110 Recommend 
Harvard Business School 3.77304.7 yearsTOEFL-100
Sloan School of Management 3.67205 years TOEFL-90 
Stanford graduate school of business 3.77304.6 yearsTOEFL-100
The Wharton School 3.67305 yearsTOEFL-110
Yale School of Management 3.66905 years
TOEFL-110 Recommend 
Kellogg School of Management 3.67205 yearsTOEFL-110

Scholarship for international students in the United States

•Horace W goldsmith fellowship
•Joseph Wharton Fellowship
•McKinsey Award
•Columbia fellows’ program
•Kellogg Scholarship

Cost of MBA in US:
The average annual cost of tuition for an MBA in US is around 27.14 lakh.
American living expenses cost you 8.14 lakh per year. The price of a visa depends upon the type of visa. There is f1 visa,J1 visa and M1 visa . A study visa application in the US costs $160.

FAQs for MBA in the United State

Answer: An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that is given to students who want to study in the US. This visa is issued to international students who wish to attend educational institutions like the university, college, elementary school, high school, or any other academic institution in the United States.

Answer: These are the scholarships provided to international students by universities:-

•Horace W goldsmith fellowship
•Joseph Wharton Fellowship
•McKinsey Award
•Columbia fellows’ program
•Kellogg Scholarship.

Answer: Harvard business school, Yale University, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Columbia business school, Chicago booth, etc., are some famous and top universities for MBA in the US.

GRE fees-0.16 lakhs
Application fees-0.7 to 0.15 lakhs
TOEFL/ILETS fees- 0.14 lakhs
Visa fees-0.13 lakhs

Answer: Applicants must have a minimum work experience of 3  years to a maximum of 5 years. The demand for work experience depends upon the type of specialization and the firm in which you want to work.

Answer: There are mainly three intakes:- fall, spring, and summer intake.

Answer: Information technology directors, investment bankers, financial managers, management consultants, chief technology officers, human resource management, and so on. One can opt for these renowned and highest-paying job profiles after an MBA.

Can an Indian student pursue MBA in US after completing graduation from India?
Yes, MBA is the most popular course that students choose for higher education in the USA. Applicants need an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.5 or more to get admission into an MBA program.

Answer: Arizona state university, University of New Haven, The University of Texas at Dallas, Texas A&M university, etc.

Answer: Many institutions in the US offer placement in top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, McKinsey, BCG, etc.

Answer: Yes, there are various popular scholarships available that one can apply to pursue MBA in the United States.

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