What Is A SWIFT Programming Language? Know Installation

Swift programming language is very well known among programmers for developing apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It is also known as a robust and intuitive programming language, and Swift is created in a manner that is easy to understand. Swift programming language was introduced in the year 2014 by Apple company.

Let’s understand it more profound.

Swift programming language
SWIFT programmers for developing App for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

What is a Swift Programming Language?

The first language that was compatible best with Apple devices was Objective-C. At first, it was the most suitable language to utilize for Apple platforms.

However, it had limited features and was created in the late 1980s. In 2014, other programming languages added features that made the development process more accessible and software performed faster.

Swift was introduced in 2014 as an alternative language that you could use in conjunction with Apple products. Swift offered a wide range of advanced features developers were looking for.

Let’s see a few ways in which Swift made things easier for programmers who were using Objective-C language to create an App:

  • Objective-C had semicolons at the end of every line, and Swift did away with this requirement.
  • In Objective-C, you had to declare the type of variables before using them. However, in Swift, you didn’t have to do that since types are implicitly in the language.
  • Swift utilized modern technology in programming, and programs created in Swift can be run as fast as 2.6 times more quickly than Objective-C.
  • Swift is simpler to write and is more concise than Objective-C. Creating a Swift application using less than half the code in one Objective-C application is possible.
  • Swift is now open-source and cross-platform; therefore, Swift code runs on Apple products and Linux and Windows.
  • Naturally, Swift was a popular programming language. Swift programming language gained popularity and became the most popular option for developers creating applications that worked on Mac OSX, the Apple iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Let’s see the possibilities you have when you are proficient in Swift.

How to Download Swift?

How do I download and install Swift, and Can I download Swift on Windows?

These are the two questions we have when learning or thinking about working on App for IOS devices. Yes, you can install Swift for Windows and start working on it.

Step by Step on how to install Swift on Windows

  • Download Swift 5.4.2 toolchain for Windows 10
  • Click on the Save file
  • Install Swift toolchain .exe file
  • Check if Swift has been successfully installed on your Windows PC
  • Then open your Command prompt
  • An write on that “swift –version”

In this way, you will see the version of Swift and understand that the setup is installed correctly in your system.

For downloading Swift click here.

To know how to install Swift in your system, you can subscribe to this youtube Chanel (Installation Portal)

How to learn a swift programming language?

Swift programming language is one of the favorite programming languages of programming, and it is used all over the world. Before we start knowing how to learn Swift, we should understand why we should learn Swift.

  1. Swift is more readable.
  2. It’s also simple to maintain because programmers do not have to invest time in bookkeeping.
  3. The Swift run-time crashes will stop at the point that contains an optional null variable is used to prevent code errors. So, Swift is a highly secure code language.
  4. The enormous memory leaks programmers can suffer from in Objective-C are impossible to prevent in Swift. We could say it combines with effective storage management.
  5. It’s got a simple structure for code structure.
  6. Swift is a rapid programming language.
  7. With Swift namespacing, they are built on the code file’s object. This means that programmers can identify the classes or values by using an identifier for namespaces.
  8. It can support dynamic libraries.
  9. Playgrounds encourage interactive coding.
  10. Swift gives the developers the ability to directly modify a language to develop intuitive applications.

Here are a few best platforms from where you can learn Swift Programming:

  1. Tutorials Point (Click to See)
  2. Programiz (Click to See)
  3. Learn Swift Fast (2020) – Full Course For Beginner’s best YouTube Video (Click to See)
  4. Swift Programming Tutorial for Beginners (Full Tutorial) (Click to See)
  5. Swift Tutorials For Absolute Beginners (Swift Basics) in iOS Latest Hindi (Swift 5, Xcode 11). (Click to See)
  6. Swift Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners (Click to See)
  7. SwiftUI Basics Tutorial (Click to See)
  8. 2021 SwiftUI Tutorial for Beginners (Click to See)
  9. Swift Tutorial For Beginners [Full Course] Learn Swift For iOS Development(Click to See)
  10. Udacity (Click to See)

Why is Swift called protocol-oriented language?

Protocols are an essential element of Swift. They play a significant part in the design of the Swift standard library, and they are an accepted way of abstraction. They offer a similar experience as interfaces in other languages offer.

  • Protocols let you combine similar functions, methods, and properties. Swift allows you to specify these interfaces guarantee classes, struct, and Enum types.
  • Only class types can use base classes as well as inheritance.
  • One benefit of protocols implemented in Swift can be that the objects can be compatible with various protocols.
  • If you write an application in this manner, the code is more modular. Consider protocols as building blocks for functionality.
  • Adding functionality by making an object conform to protocols doesn’t create an entirely new object.
  • That’s time-consuming. Instead, you’ll add various components until your design is finished.
  • Converting base classes into protocols solves your video game dilemma. By using protocols, you can make a FlyingCar class that is compatible with the requirements of both the Motor Vehicle as well as Aircraft.

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