What is Blu-ray?: Know its Applications, Utilization

What does blu ray mean? Blu-ray Disc (BD), often referred to as Blu-ray, is a new digital disc data storage format. It is manufactured to make the traditional DVD format obsolete. This is capable of storing many hours of video in High-Definition (HD 720p and 1080p). Blu-ray is utilized as a form for video material such as cinemas and the corporal distribution of games since PS 3, PS 4, and Xbox One. 

The name “Blu-ray” is referred to as the blue laser. That is practically a violet laser that is used to read the disc. It allows data to be stored at a greater density than possible with the longer-wavelength red laser used for traditional DVDs.

Blu-ray Disc (BD) often referred to as Blu-ray
The name “Blu-ray” is referred to as the blue laser.

The plastic disc is 60 mm in radius and 1.2 mm thick, similar to DVDs and CDs. What is blu ray DVD? Conventional or Blu-ray discs hold 25 GB per layer, with dual-layer discs which amount to 50 GB. It is the industry-level quality for feature-length video discs. Triple-layer and quadruple-layer discs (100 GB and 128 GB) are also obtainable for BD-XL re-writer drives.

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History of Blu-ray

The information density of the conventional DVD format was restricted by the wavelength of the used laser diodes. After a prolonged evolution, blue laser diodes that were operating at 405 nm started their production. It allowed for further development of a more in-depth storage format that could hold HD media. With classic exemplar discs made with diodes at a moderately longer wavelength of 407 nm during October 1998.

Sony started two different projects in association with Panasonic, Philips, and TDK in which they applied the new diodes. Diodes were Ultra Density Optical (UDO) and DVR Blue in association with Pioneer a format. It could rewrite discs which would eventually become Blu-ray discs. 

What is Blu-ray Used For? 

The Blu-ray Disc format was initially being manufactured to give the best performance and attributes for various applications. HD video distribution is one of its main characteristics. The Blu-ray format’s adaptable design and superior identification. It means that it is suitable for a total span of various motives as well.

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What are the Applications of Blu-ray?

  • HD television recording: HD broadcasting means television recording is extremely expanding in the U.S. and Asia. Users are more and more leading towards HDTV sets. As they are the best option for a fabulous possible television experience. 
  • HD video distribution: Since its enormous data storing capacity of 25-50 GB per single-sided disc, the Blu-ray Disc format can store HD videos in the highest quality possible. Because of the huge size of the Blu-ray Disc, there is no need for the consumer to compromise on the quality of the picture.
  • HD camcorder archiving: As the market for HD TV sets continues to rise beyond imagination. So does the demand of users that like to create their own HD recordings keeps on increasing. With the arrival of the 1st HD camera, users can now record their own home movies at a quality level unlike any before.
  • Mass Data Storage: In recent days CD meant an immense growth in storage capacity compared to standard storage media with its 650 MB. Later DVD came which exceeded this amount by offering a huge 4.7 to 8.5 GB of storage, which was an impressive 5-10 times increase. Now users are asking for an even extensive storage capacity.
  • Digital asset management and professional storage: Due to its high storage capacity, minimum cost per GB, and especially adaptable ways to transfer data from one device to another happened because of Blu-ray Disc’s wide adoption covering the industry. The format is the best match for Digital Asset Management. As well as various other professional implementations that need huge amounts of storage space.

What are the Blu-ray quality and resolution?

A 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc has a much bigger capacity than a standard Blu-ray disc. This permits it to stock a movie or tv series with Ultra HD resolution. Standard Blu-ray discs look terrific, but the maximum resolution of it is 1920 X 1080. A typical 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs resolution is 3840 X 2160. That’s almost four times the amount of pixels as the normal one. Many people who understand the difference have described an Ultra HD image as the same as looking through a window, rather than watching the same image on TV.


Followings are the advantages of Blu-ray.

  • Since it has increased disc capacity which allows the HD video to go up to 1080p resolution.
  •  It has 7.1 channels of not compressed data. 
  • New style menu integration with the increased property of two or more processes working together and menu navigation over top of the playing video.
  • Enhanced internet and network connectivity.
  • Increased capacity to store and transfer large amounts of data larger than 5GB.
  • It has a picture in picture service. 
  • Better burning speeds and faster playback. 
  • Since it has better disc coating, the resistance to scratches and smudges are get up drastically.


Following are the disadvantages of Blu-ray.

  • In recent years even though the prices of Blu-ray have come down, the cost of having a Blu-ray disc still remains to exceed the cost of DVDs. This covers the first purchase price of the Blu-ray player and the continuing costs associated with the purchase of the disks.
  • To take the most usage of the enhanced viewing experience given by Blu-ray movies, users must primarily connect the player to a high-definition TV. Without the compatibility of high-definition, viewing a Blu-ray video allows the same picture and sound quality of that a conventional DVD provides.
  • The method used by Blu-ray to store the high-definition audio and video on the disk increases the chance of a slight scratch to the surface which will then make the disk difficult to read. Newer Blu-ray disks have an attribute of a protective coating over the disc which helps to prevent surface scratches.
  • Manufacturers of this occasionally release firmware updates for the user’s player. These updates more often provide additional system conjuration. It allows the user to keep on continuing the experience in the latest Blu-ray technology without the demand to buy a new device.

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