What is BluSmart Electric Cab? Know When it Will Serve in Mumbai

Want to know what is BluSmart Electric Cab?

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These electric cars are in high demand, and it’s no surprise why. Electric cars are easy to use, require little maintenance and have a minimal impact on the environment. According to HTAuto, vehicle emissions contribute between 50-53% of Delhi’s total air pollution. This is almost half.

Electric cars are just starting to hit the market, and they have high prices. You can still get an electric car at a lower price, such as the. You can also use an e.scooter, e.bike, e.rikshaw, or e.bus. To transport all your belongings, a hatchback is a must. Cabs are a crucial part of this scenario.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Blusmart’s new mobility system.

BluSmart: What’s it all about?

BluSmart, an all-electric ride-hailing platform, announced today the addition of new features to its electric cab service. These include Blu Wallet and Hourly Rentals. Referrals are also included in BluSmart. BluSmart’s new initiative allows customers to book clean, sanitized electric taxis to travel in Gurugram and the airport for a flat rate of Rs 99. BluSmart plans to add more of these features shortly. It also plans to plant trees based on the number of rentals. They claim it has cut over 325 tonnes of CO2 by operating all-electric cars within Delhi-NCR over the past year.

You may have seen a new taxi service with distinctive ‘Blu branding if you live in South Delhi and Gurugram. BluSmart may not yet have an all-India presence, but its all-electric cab service has gained popularity in the NCR. Gurugram-based taxi company promises courteous drivers, clean vehicles, and no cancellations.

Blusmart’s History

BluSmart Mobility is an Indian ride-sharing service based in Gurugram, India. In 2019, Anmol Singh Jaggi and Punit K Goyal founded BluSmart Mobility. The company’s fleet includes the Tata e-Tigor and Tata Xpres-T EVs, Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata e-Verito, Punit K Goyal, and Anmol Singh Jaggi 2019. India’s first electric shared intelligent mobility platform is affordable, smart, and sustainable.

BluSmart was founded by Anmol Singh Jaggi and Puneet Singh Jaggi on January 14, 2019. BluSmart partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra] in the same month to launch its first batch of EVs. The company was founded by Deepika Padukone’s Investment Office, JITO Angel Network, and raised US$3 million in an angel round.

BluSmart announced a partnership agreement with Jio-BP in order to establish charging infrastructure throughout India.

BluSmart Electric Cabs: Features

India’s first electric ride-hailing platform offers many new features, including Blu Wallet and Hourly Rentals. Referrals are also available. Flat fares start at Rs99 for customers to book reliable, safe electric cabs to transport them from Gurgaon to the airport.

These are the new features added to the site:

Blu Wallet: A closed in-app wallet that offers increased convenience for in-app payments for its riders. It can be recharged with all debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and UPI methods.

BluSmart launched Hourly Rentals at Rs. 199. Customers can use this option to keep their all-electric vehicles while attending to their city needs. Customers in Gurgaon can also rent electric cars and take them to Delhi. This will increase the reach of BluSmart in NCR. Renting a car starts at one hour/10 km and can go up to eight hours/80km. There are 1-hour intervals so that every need can be met.

Referrals: BluSmart will launch its referral feature, which allows users to invite friends and family members to a new model of responsible mobility. BluSmart will plant one tree for each referral, unlike other referral models. This is to help ensure a cleaner environment in the cities where we live.

BluSmart has introduced new features and taken good hygiene precautions to ensure the safety of drivers and customers.

It has already reduced more than 325 tonnes of CO2 in the past year by running all-electric cars within Delhi NCR.

BluSmart is the best choice for your next ride.

Here are five reasons to choose BluSmart

1. Less Expensive

BluSmart electric cabs offer flat fares for pocket-friendly rides. Our taxis won’t charge you a surcharge no matter your travel time or location. Flat fares airport taxi service is available in all corners of Delhi and Gurgaon.

2. Jumbo Boot space

Plenty of space for your luggage, but not enough to store it all? Don’t you worry! You can store all your luggage in the 2x boot space electric cabs provide. You can no longer worry about your luggage and need to travel in multiple taxis. All-electric taxis are available!

3. Stress-free travel!

Even a daredevil wouldn’t want to drive to the airport at peak hours. Book a BluSmart Airport Cab. Relax in the backseat in one of our premium, noiseless electric cabs as you take to the skies.

4. Airport-specific electric cabs

Are you worried about when your taxi will arrive? Are you worried about getting stuck in traffic for the rest of your life? Or whether the cancel culture of cabs spare you? BluSmart has the answer to all of your questions. BluSmart’s airport cabs will arrive on time and drop you off at the airport.

5. Dedicated pickup zone

We don’t just take you to the airport. Book a BluSmart at their kiosk at T3 if you return from vacation or on a business trip. You don’t have to wait in line at the airport or spend your time tracking down your taxi. Book a BluSmart, and we’ll be there in no time!

Prices and availability of the BluSmart Electric taxis

Blu Smart electric taxis are currently available in the Gurugram area, IGI airport, and specific locations in Delhi.

Pricing: Cab pricing starts at Rs. 99 for distances between 0 and 5 km. You will also be charged additional airport pickup fees, toll plaza fees, or Delhi MCD taxes. We have compiled a list with all the pricing and per-km charges to simplify the price of electric cabs.

KilometersMax per km charge (Rs.)Total fare (Rs.)

Growth Challenges

BluSmart faces many obstacles to its expansion, which is different from other companies. BluSmart’s hub-to-hub business model means that there is a lack of infrastructure for charging in India and range anxiety about EVs. This poses severe obstacles to the company’s expansion. High maintenance costs could further hinder its growth as drivers do not own their cars.

Last Words

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Mahindra) partnered with BLU Smart on June 4, 2019, to launch a unique, connected, and all-electric ride-sharing service in India’. BLU Smart will introduce 70 Mahindra EVerito premium sedans to NCR/Delhi during the initial launch phase as part of this strategic partnership. BLU Smart’s competitive advantage was its affordable pricing and lack of surge. The deployed fleet would include premium all-electric sedans as well as SUVs. There would also be a shorter wait time, more skilled drivers, and no cancellations by drivers. 

Mahindra’s electric vehicles (EVs) were equipped with Next Generation Mobility Connected features that allow BLU Smart to optimize its fleet usage. Despite this, there were few obstacles to the mass adoption of EVs. These included the high cost of lithium-ion battery packs, which made these vehicles extremely expensive, and a lack of charging stations. An EV has only 20 moving parts, which is significantly different from a petrol or diesel car with more than 2,000 parts. This would likely make most of the component companies in the auto industry redundant and could lead to significant job losses in the sector. Ola, Uber, and Zoomcar would likely challenge BLU Smart. 

Despite all odds, there was a ray of light as the Government of India reduced GST rates for EVs/chargers to make them more affordable and encourage mass adoption. Is it possible for BLU Smart, the country’s ride-hailing company, to control this environment?

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