What is Elixir Programming? Know its Drawbacks

The development of websites has experienced an accelerated change over the last few years. In its development, various programming languages have come into existence and developed and then vanished.

Elixir Programming
Disadvantages of Elixir Programming

The most fascinating and advanced young programming language that is used for web creation is Elixir. The purpose of this article is to inform you about Elixir Programming and its benefits and drawbacks, and the things this coding language that has a mysterious name offers web designers.

Elixir Programming is a powerful, dynamic and flexible programming language built on the strengths of its predecessors like Ruby as well as Erlang. It’s an excellent option for any scenario where the performance and scalability of the language are essential for web-based applications and IoT development projects.

What is Elixir Programming Language?

Elixir, a language for programming, was developed during the year 2011 by Jose Valim. The creator of the language previously worked on the development of Ruby on Rails, which is now one of the top worldwide programming languages. In essence, Elixir is an advancement of Erlang. But, this language differs in many ways from Ruby or Erlang in several ways. 

Elixir Programming is a functional programming language (its flow is similar to mathematical functions) developed to build efficient and maintainable web-based applications. The coding language is based on Erlang the VM, which is utilized to build distributed systems that are fault-tolerant and run at very low latency. Simply put, Erlang VM perfectly supports systems with many connected computers that can transfer large amounts of data to one another with minimal delays and continue to function even when one or a few of them suffer from failures.

What are the Main Features of Elixir?

Built on top of the Erlang VM

Elixir can access each of the tools for concurrency Erlang can access and makes Elixir Programming one of the most vital modern languages for creating large-scale distributed systems.

Ruby-like Syntax

If you’ve already written code in Ruby and its syntax, Elixir will be like a familiarity. Ruby is one of the most compact and productivity-oriented languages out there. Yet, it lacks in performance and concurrency. Erlang VM solves both of these issues and, that’s why Elixir is the ideal combination of both.


Although Elixir and Erlang could be described as belonging to a class that is their own, Elixir also has all the structures you’d been used to from contemporary FP languages. Particularly immutable data structures can help to increase concurrency significantly as well as pattern-matching is a great tool to write declarative code.

Dynamic Typing

Elixir is a dynamic language as opposed to other functional languages such as Haskell or Scala. This means that the types are tested in the run-time phase and not when compiled. Although this could be a problem when developing crucial systems, it speeds up development for basic web-based applications. Static types are introduced in Elixir by way of type specs.

Which Companies Use Elixir?

Several companies use Elixir Programming in their work for a specific purpose. Let’s see some of them and their intent to use;


It uses Elixir to develop a client/cloud application to facilitate a collaborative photography workflow.


This company utilizes Elixir to power their massive-scale messaging system. 5 million concurrent users? 


It employs Elixir to manage an element of the backend to their SEO and digital marketing tools, Moz Pro.

Financial Times 

The company has employed Elixir to develop several applications.

Motorola Solutions 

They utilize Erlang and Elixir for mission-critical communications systems that must be reliable and fault-tolerant.

Many other apps also make use of Erlang for different applications, like WhatsApp or Heroku.

As you can see from the companies mentioned above, Elixir enables to write of robust, fault-tolerant, and scalable code to run concurrent systems, which is why it is ideal for messaging systems and web-based applications that need to manage large numbers of users quickly.

What are the Disadvantages of Elixir Programming?

There’s not a perfect programming language yet, and Elixir isn’t an exception. Let’s look at the significant disadvantages that hinder some developers from using it in their projects.

Immature ecosystem

Elixir coding is a highly young programming language. This is why the Elixir ecosystem isn’t perfect and fully developed to date. If you are planning to create your project using Elixir, check whether there are libraries for the various services you plan to use. You will likely need to make your libraries in many situations.

Community of a small size

Elixir’s community is relatively small to the communities of modern coding languages such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Kave, and many others. A few developers believe that Elixir is an obscure language that isn’t going to become mainstream. An elixir is a tiny group of people who are open to it, which means getting support could be challenging.

It can also be challenging for businesses to locate knowledgeable and experienced Elixir Web Development professionals locally. If you plan to build your next project using Elixir, you may have to outsource the development. However, this programming language is growing in popularity. 


Yes, we have mentioned this aspect in benefits, and we’re bringing the same point here. It’s a reverse of an actual coin. Although most programs are object-oriented, adapting to an Elixir functional Programming language could be difficult.

Bottom Line

In the end, there are a few disadvantages to making use of Elixir Coding, which is a language for programming. However, this relatively new programming language offers numerous advantages and the potential to provide benefits that should not overlook. Many developers learn Elixir to keep up-to-date with developments in technology and advancements. Experts in Ruby, PHP, Java, and other languages are switching to Elixir frequently.

Elixir is an excellent choice for many projects where a simple syntax, fast performance stability, and error tolerance are crucial. Technology giants like Pinterest, Discord, Bleacher Report, and Moz have already acknowledged its strengths and have utilized them to take their initiatives to the next level. Do you?

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