What is the Jio 5G network? Know Jio Products

Great news!! The Reliance company has announced that they will launch the Reliance Jio 5G network by 2021. Isn’t is great news?? Yes, it is! Before a few years ago, Jio bought a 4G network in India for better internet speed, and now it is about to introduce Jio 5G network. 

Jio 5G network & Jio Products
Reliance Jio 5G Technology Announcement

Reliance Jio 5G Technology Announcement 

On 15 July 2020, Reliance Industries executive Mukesh Ambani reported that Jio was developing a local (Made in India) 5G network solution for better speed. This 5G arrangement has been made in India from scratch, and this will permit Jio to present a world-class 5G service/ administration in India.  He likewise expressed that this 5G solution will be accessible and prepared next year for trial as soon as the 5G spectrum is available and ready for field sending.

The Jio 5G creation was announced during Reliance’s virtual yearly comprehensive meeting 2020. In this meeting, there were other details like the global export of Jio 5G and upgradability from the 4G network. 

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The mission behind the Jio 5G launch 

Engineers in India developed the Jio 5G. And is dedicated to PM Narendra Modi’s “Aatmanirbhay Bharat” vision, revealed during the Reliance AGM 2020 Livestream. According to Mr. Muskesh, Ambani explained the roadmap. Jio 5G will first test the service in Inda as soon as the 5G spectrum is available and ready for field deployment. He also stated that the company also plans on exporting Jio 5G solution to other telecom operators globally as a completely managed service. 

How this Jio 5G network will help us?

Mr. Mukesh Ambani also shared that upgrading Jio’s 4G network to a 5G network would be accessible, and all credit goes to its converged all IP network architecture.  Utilizing this 5G technology, we can generate captivating solutions across various industry verticals. Verticals include media, financial services, new commerce, education, healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, smart manufacturing, and intelligent mobility. 

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What are the new products Reliance Industry (Jio Products) about to launch?

Reliance Industry is about to launch some new Jio products, including Jio Glass that provides mixed reality services. The Jio TV+ that aggregates content from more than 12 streaming services. This is not the end; they are about to launch 5G smartphones that will be affordable to everyone.

So this is all about the Jio 5G network and new Jio Products. Stay tuned for more information about Jio 5G technology. Info At One will serve you with more detailed information soon. 

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