What is MBA in Finance 2022? Know Types of MBA, Eligibility, Entrance Exam, Top Universities

Do you know what is MBA in Finance is? The abbreviation MBA stands for master’s in business administration. It is a post-graduate course that focuses on various aspects of business administration such as human resources, accounting, and business ethics applied statistics, business communication, business strategy, business finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply, managerial economics, supply chain management, and operation management in a way which is most applicable to management analysis and strategy.

This licensed MBA degree is structured to provide the best quality education to students who are aspirants in the business world. Harvard University in Cambridge first introduced this degree.

What are Different Types of MBA Programs?

Some most popular MBA specializations are:-
MBA in general management:- MBA in general management is a specialized program that involves supervising and attending to all managerial actions of a business.

MBA in finance:- MBA in finance equips subjects that will teach students to handle all financial activities of a company.
•MBA in marketing:-This course of MBA teaches the students marketing research, management, and education.
•MBA in human resource management:-This degree mainly focuses on providing training and knowledge in managing the workforce of an organization.
MBA in consulting:- MBA in consulting prepares the students to help companies solve problems and give advice to companies on certain topics.
MBA in entrepreneurship:– This specialization of MBA is best for students who are planning to start a successful business venture.
•MBA in operation management:-This degree is primarily concerned with preparing the students to handle different aspects of business such as planning, manufacturing, production, and providing.
MBA in management information systems:-This program seeks the students to learn critical business and management skills, database management, and business applications of these principles.
MBA in global management:-This program deals with the commercial transactions occurring between two or more countries or nations.
MBA in engineering management:-This degree prepares the students for senior management positions in manufacturing or engineering companies.
MBA in technology management:-This course concentrates on building business world leaders who are experts in handling technology and adapting within the workforce for rapid growth. Different types of MBA programs

What is an MBA in Finance?

MBA in finance is a combination of conventional business courses with classes on fund management, fundraising, investments, portfolio management, investment analysis, and many more. This program mainly prepares the students for in-depth studies related to various aspects of finance, such as management, control, analysis, investment, collections, and resources. This program is designed to learn and earn by maximizing stock values and profitability and by, minimizing financial risk, and managing the capital investment.
Course duration:–  The overall course is of 2 years, having four semesters. Each semester is of six months.

Subjects in MBA finance 


Competitive test to get admission into MBA finance programs.

GMAT:- The GMAT test, also known as Graduate Management Aptitude Test, is for the evaluation of the skills of students. The exam results give a general analysis of the student’s capability in the field of MBA.

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission is a computer-grounded test whose crucial part is to estimate certain logic, writing, reading skills in English, and quantitative and verbal skills to get admission into an MBA program. The time provided for the attempt of the test is 3 hours,7 minutes. Every year approx 3 lakhs aspirants appear for the GMAT, and only a few are capable of scoring a good position in the exam.
CAT:– This is the most commonly opted test conducted by the Indian Institute of management for those seeking admission to the Indian management program in prestigious B schools of India. The test is divided into three major parts:-Analysis of data and logical reasoning, quantitative ability, and comprehension of verbal abilities and reading.
MAT:- MAT or also called the Management Aptitude test is given by students for admission in MBA affiliated programs in various business institutions
CMAT:- CMAT is popularly known as the common management admission test. This test is taken in online mode through a computer-grounded model. Through this test, students or aspirants can seek admission to a management program having AICTE approval.

Skills needed for MBA in Finance

•Logical thinking:-This course is a good option for the students who are suitable to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of a company to assess the business and to remove the obstacles that are reducing a business’s productivity and success. The applicants also need to be suitable to weigh business threats and opportunities and to have a vision of the long-term and short-term advantages of a different approach.

Business thinking:- Finance professionals play an essential part in helping businesses grow and make smart decisions. Thus Finance students must know how to predict unborn inventory, sales profit, and applicable information.

Financial Modelling:-Financial modeling means representing a real financial situation with the help of abstract methods.
This is performed with the assistance of a fine mathematical model. These models help you in estimating the valuation of a business.

Mathematics:- As a finance professional having strong calculative skills would surely help you to grow. Few sectors require a good grip on predictive analysis, accounting, and data management.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in MBA Finance

•Undergraduate degree with a minimum average of 50% aggregate marks from an honored university or college in any relevant discipline.
•No age limit
•Candidates should also qualify for nationalized entrance tests such as CAT, GMAT, XAT, NMAT, etc., to be eligible for admission in MBA finance.

Prestigious Institute For A Degree In MBA In Finance

IIT Bombay
•IIT Roorkee
IIT Madras 

•Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies 

IIM Ahmedabad 

•Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
•ICFAI Business School
•ICFAI Foundation of Higher Education
•PSG College of Technology
•Alliance University
•Loyola Institute of Business Administration
•Globsyn Business School
•Amity University
•IMFR Graduate Schools of Business
•University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
•Taxila Business School, Jaipur
•SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

Students need to clear nationalized, state
entrance exam or university grounded entrance exam for admission, cut-off varies from college to college.

Online MBA in Finance colleges:-
•Chandigarh University
•Manipal University
•Amity University online
•Jain deemed to be a university
•NMIMS, West Mumbai
•Symbiosis center for long-distance learning

Part-time MBA ( Master of business administration) is a program designed for those who want to can do a degree in management along with their job or any other regular course by being a part of online classes in the comfort of their home. The course details are the same as of a regular MBA in Finance.
These colleges offer a certified MBA course in Finance as a part-time course for those who wish to move on to leadership roles in the Finance field.
IGNOU:-IGNOU offers a certified MBA program in Finance as a part-time course for those wishing to move on to the top places in Finance. To get admission, students must be graduated in any field with 50% marks. Admission can be taken by appearing for the entrance exam conducted by NIIT
•NMIMS, Mumbai
:- NMIMS offers a certified MBA program in Finance as a part-time course to acquire a high-end compact management qualification. To get admission, a graduate must have an undergraduate degree from any recognized university in any subject with approximately 50% or more marks. The admission is solely grounded on the NMIMS entrance exam in pen-paper mode, followed by an interview.
PIMR, Indore:- PIMR offers a part-time MBA program in Finance. The admission is based on the score on the CMAT exam.

What is Admission Process for MBA in Finance?

The MBA in finance is offered by various institutes and colleges. Admission is offered on the ground of marks scored in the various competitive exam held at various levels. State-level, Institute level, and national level. After all, this counseling is performed, which is nothing but a personal interview.

FEES STRUCTURE- The fee structure completely varies for each college and university. It also depends on the type of institution, i.e., whether it is a private or a government-aided institute. Fees can vary from as low as around 30 thousand for the full degree to 50 lacs for the full degree course.

Career Opportunities after MBA in finance
•Investment Banking
•Financial Analyst
•Chief Financial Officer
•Budget Analyst
•Revenue Manager
•Bank Manager
•Financial Examiner
•Accounting Manager
•Operation Manager
•Relationship Manager
•Management Consultant
•Corporate Controller

Average salary after MBA in finance

▪︎Chief Financial Officer:-The responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer is to plan, manage, run and implement all financial activities of a company. They track cash and analyze the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. The average annual salary of a chief financial officer is 4 lakh in government sectors and three lakhs in private sectors.

▪︎Investment Banker:-The responsibility of an investment banker is to raise capital for corporations, governments, and other financial entities. On average annual pay of an investment banker can be roughly 2.5 lakh per annum.

▪︎Financial Analyst:–  The role of a financial analyst is to watch the present and past economics and data of the business to mark out the trends influencing the business decision. The average annual salary is 4 lakhs.
Budget Analyst:– The budget Analyst is in charge of preparing budget reports and monitoring the company’s expenses. The average annual salary is 4.5 lakhs.

Revenue Manager:- A revenue manager is tasked with leading price strategy committees, generating rates, and selling strategies and campaigns. The average annual salary is 3.3 lakhs.

Bank Manager:-
A bank manager is someone who is in charge of operating, training, lending, administrating, marketing, and security of a bank branch. They are paid an annual salary of around  6 lakh per annum.

Financial Examiner:-  financial Examiner work is to view a company’s financial record to ensure that the company is in adherence with laws and regulations existing at that time. The average annual salary is 2.1 lakhs.

Relationship Manager:-
A Relationship Manager is responsible for maintaining and developing vital customers within the company and with outside clients. The average annual salary is 2.1 lakhs.

Corporate Controller:-
A Corporate Controller supervises all the financial and accounting functions. The average yearly salary is 1.9 lakhs.

Top Recruiting Agencies for Financial

Managers:- Some of the leading companies that hire financial managers are:-
•JP Morgan
•ICICI Lombard


•IBM India
•Efftronics system private limited
•Hdfc bank
•Hindustan Unilever
•Bajaj finserv 

•universal collaterals management PVT LTD


1.)Question: Is a background in commerce studies essential for pursuing a course in finance management?
It is not a necessity to have a commerce background for studying MBA program. You can think and choose careers in finance management without having any previous experience in the field of commerce. You will no doubt face less difficulty in understanding if you have knowledge of the subject as the base is needed for further progress. But still, being a commerce student is not mandatory.

Students of various fields are open to pursuing a degree in MBA in finance management. But sometimes it depends upon colleges. However, repeating a past experience in commerce studies can benefit you.

2.)Question: Is there any such course, namely a bachelor’s in financial management?

No such option is available presently. You will first have to complete a degree in any related field (or even other fields are accepted) for your under graduation. While doing your doctorate, postgraduate, or master’s, you can have and choose general management as your specialized subject there.

3.)Question: What are the duties and roles of the person as a “Finance Manager”?

A finance manager is one who is responsible for analyzing the major initiative taken by a company’s head managerial committee and takes as a representative of the director of the company or firm where the person is working

4.)Question: After the completion of my course in finance management, what are the areas in which I can expect work for me?

Ans.-Presently there are many or we can say almost every field has a requirement of finance manager. Each company needs a person as representative f a position that can analyze the work and assist the working levels, and someone for all taking decisions related to finance is required. All companies must appoint financial managers from the food sector to automobiles. You can also look for your own start-up.

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