What Is PureScript? Know Why You Should Learn It?

PureScript is a program that falls under the Templating Languages and Extensions section of a tech stack. PureScript is an open-source tool that has 7.4K GitHub stars and 534 GitHub forks. A compact, highly written programming language with consequential types converted to JavaScript developed and inspired by Haskell. Phil Freeman initially developed the PureScript program language in 2013. He began working on PureScript because he was not satisfied with previous attempts to convert Haskell into JavaScript.

PureScript program language

The Reasons to Utilize PureScript

Better Abstractions

PureScript is a type of class language that we employ to make code that can reuse. You can write less code using a language that allows you to reuse your code.

Better abstractions let you convey more general concepts and also talk about ideas abstractly.

Better Libraries

Pursuit offers the documentation for hundreds of PureScript libraries, which support various types of development such as Single-page applications, Web services, Server-side rendering, Database applications, Mobile development, Testing and benchmarking, Audio and graphics, Game development, and Algorithms and data structures.

If you can think of what you want it to, Pursuit has a library for it. If we don’t have precisely the library you’re looking to use, you can wrap any of the existing JavaScript libraries available on NPM by using an interface for foreign functions!

More Guarantees

In JavaScript, there are very few assurances about the code we write. For instance, we seldom can determine for sure whether JavaScript is working.

  • Our data is in the correct format.
  • A value will never be not null
  • Can be dealt with any issues in the right areas.
  • We removed a portion of debugging code before deploying the code to production.
  • We dealt with every possible cause in a complicated pattern match
  • Didn’t leak a link to a changeable data structure
  • We took the correct steps to prevent SQL injection attacks
  • Our application won’t accidentally launch any missiles.

PureScript’s Type System provides the ability to block the majority of these bugs and numerous others.

Better Records

Extensible records can be a fantastic option for JavaScript However, they’re only of the application when you don’t have commonly used JavaScript terms.

In PureScript, we can define various common patterns, such as mapping across and traversing the properties of records, merging and zipping records, and so on in a safe, secure manner.

You can abstract the labels within records. Do not write another lens, as you can create the lens of any property in a record with the help of the system of type.

Better Tools of PureScript

PureScript allows instant rebuilds, which will enable you to spot any errors in your editor right away. Editor plugins can even repair warnings and reduce imports for you.

Use types! The type-directed search uses data about the class to identify the programs that fill the code gaps.

Let PureScript write the code automatically for you. PureScript can create instances of various types of standard classes. If it does not support, it is possible to use generic deriving to make up for the missing implementation.

Better Techniques

PureScript is compatible with several of the design paradigms that Haskell pioneered. For instance:

  • Datatype-generic programming
  • Type-level programming that includes functional dependencies
  • Testing on properties
  • Denotational design

PureScript is also a fantastic language to implement the latest techniques.

A Great Community

Find like-minded folks in Slack, Reddit, and IRC committed to integratingHaskell pioneered functional programming that is purely typed into the internet browser.

Disadvantages of PureScript?

It isn’t easy to share code.

It was the case before; however, there are now excellent options such as purescript-bridge and servant-purescript. Datatype-generic programming makes it easy to create most of the codes you’ll require for all shared types, including the most crucial type, JSON serialization.

Strictness isn’t a great default.

That means that you can’t naively port Haskell code into PureScript expecting it to function. It may work, but it could be slow or fail due to a loop or not even compile.

The training process is complicated.

The process of learning PureScript isn’t an easy task; however, it is likely. It may take some time as It is also a complex problem that requires time.

Insufficient support

In the final analysis, no one is paid to develop PureScript. PureScript compiler. The situation could change someday, but for the time being, it’s not a good idea to assume support for the long term.

PureScript Vs. TypeScript

Let’s dive into PureScript contrast with TypeScript in depth;

TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2012 to assist developers with large-scale applications.PureScript is a language that was created by Phil Freeman in 2013 and is owned by the community. It comes with several features and restrictions that aim to increase code accuracy and productivity of developers, including immutability, pattern matching carrying types classes, and do expressions, among others.
It’s a JavaScript superset meaning that an acceptable JavaScript program is a valid TypeScript program.It utilizes JavaScript as the primary compilation source due to the advantages of running on the web, the server mobile, and Google Sheets. Still, it can also be compiled into C, C++ as well as Erlang.
The typeScript was launched in 2015 when Angular announced it was developing its second version using it. This decision was made to be closely affixed to JS and the user experience with tools such as VSCode, and the trust that comes from accepting its limitations led teams to write new projects such as Vue, Jest, and Yarn. The State of JS 2018 report TypeScript adoption doubled between 2016 to the year 2018. This led to the explosion in learning resources as well as an enormous healthy ecosystem.PureScript isn’t very popular, but functional programming, as a whole, has caught the attention of a lot of developers. Languages such as PHP or Java introduced lambda expressions that permit greater-order patterning. The popularity of libraries such as React or Redux has helped users take advantage of pure functionalities and change them. Other languages like Elm have more groups and provide a great starting point for entering the world of functional programming. However, PS is an excellent language with some great capabilities that we’ll explore in this article. Although it’s not huge, it is a very active community. PureScript community is active on Functional programming’s slack as well as on its discussion page.

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