What is React JS in MVC? Know in Detail

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React Js is an open-source JavaScript library which is created by Facebook and to build the front-end design. You can also use it in designing web and mobile applications. React also has another library which is known as React Native which is mostly used for mobile application designs. Both the JavaScript libraries are used to create beautiful and interactive designs for the users.

A very popular question which all the developers or the newcomers who are entering into the IT sector have is; is React Js compatible or we can use react in MVC or not. This is a very common question which every developer has someday in his life.

React JS in MVC?
React Js compatible or we can use react in MVC

What are the Advantages of React Js?

  1. React uses the virtual DOM with and JavaScript object. If we talk About the regular DOM, it is been used since so long and as the time passed, we all know that it is very slow in comparison to the users. The JavaScript virtual DOM is faster than the regular DOM. This is a very important reason why we should use Java script library react in MVC.
  2. One of the best features of react is that it can be used in client and on the service side.
  3. As we know that React use components to create any application or webpage. So, it helps in making a large application in a very short and simple way, so that everyone can understand and if they need any changes in it, they can do it. Just by using the components of React JS.
  4. If we talk about other frameworks react can also work with them. It is not mandatory that react will be working with the similar platforms which commonly used by react, for example if React JS is being used with Node JS for backend it can replace with the MVC which is the.net framework.

What is MVC?

MVC is also known as a model view controller it is only used by many multinational companies to make their software work in a proper format. MVC is mostly used in back-end development and it is having a fast support system on the internet.

Let’s see about the advantages of MVC as a way of structure your web application. It is popular due to the multiple frameworks used in it. MVC is compatible with most of the frameworks and programming languages.

What is React in MVC?

Well react is a library that is created by Facebook, but MVC is not maintained by Facebook. We have to use some other tools to make sure that react and MVC work together. So, when the react and MVC projects are merged is known as Flux, to resolve the problem of merging react and MVC together. It helps the project to work smoothly and use a different library to work together.

Now there will be a question that what is Flux and why is compare to MVC?

Flux is made up of four important keywords elements. which is action, storage, the Dispatcher, and views.

  1. Action (object with the property and data)
  2. Storage (contain the application stage and logic)
  3. The Dispatcher (process register action and call back)
  4. View (list to change from the storage to re-render them self.

Bottom line

We hope you get What is React JS in MVC? with detailed information. If you learn something then you must know every simple thing related to it. Also when you can use it with other things. Like if you learning then you should know its advantages to use with other programming languages.

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